If you are not fully familiar with gun laws in Bellevue, you could unintentionally find yourself in violation of the law. Some gun law violations could result in criminal charges and prosecution, as well as incarceration and other penalties. A Bellevue gun lawyer could provide crucial legal assistance if you are facing charges.

A skilled lawyer could fight to protect your constitutional rights, including your second amendment right to keep and bear arms. Additionally, the team at Berry Law could also work to safeguard your rights pertaining to due process.

Open and Concealed Carry Gun Laws

The Nebraska Revised Statutes allow for the open carry of a gun without a permit for adults age 18 years or older so long as the individual is not legally prohibited from carrying a firearm. However, restrictions exist on where a firearm can be openly carried. For instance, firearms cannot be carried on school property.

The concealed carry of a handgun is permitted with a valid concealed carry state permit and completion of a firearms training course. Concealed carry permits are only issued to adults age 21 years or older.

Firearm Offenses in Bellevue

Chapter 28 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes prohibits several activities pertaining to guns and firearms. Committing a prohibited act could result in arrest, criminal charges, and prosecution. Examples of offenses in Bellevue include:

  • Carrying a concealed handgun without a valid legal permit
  • Transporting or possessing a machine gun or a short rifle or shotgun
  • Defacing a firearm by removing the serial number or other identifying marks
  • Being in possession of a defaced firearm
  • Being in possession of a firearm on school grounds

Using or being in possession of a firearm while committing another crime is also a criminal offense that could result in additional charges beyond those associated with the primary crime.

Penalties for Offenses in Bellevue

The penalties for gun offenses in Bellevue vary depending on the specific offense and whether it is classified as a misdemeanor or felony. For example, unlawfully carrying a concealed gun without a valid legal permit is a Class I misdemeanor. The penalties for Class I misdemeanors include up to one year incarceration, a $1,000 fine, or both incarceration and a fine.

Subsequent convictions for carrying a concealed gun without a permit are Class IV felonies. Other Class IV felony gun offenses include possessing or transporting a machine gun or short rifle or shotgun, as well as possessing a firearm on school grounds. The penalties for Class IV felony gun offenses are up to two years’ incarceration, followed by up to 12 months of post-release supervision, as well as a $10,000 fine.

Defacing a gun or being in possession of a defaced gun are Class III felony offenses that are punishable by up to four years confinement in prison, two years post-release supervision, and a $25,000 fine. A Bellevue defense lawyer for gun and firearms cases could explain the penalties associated with a specific firearms offense.

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It is critical to work with an attorney if you are facing charges for a gun offense rather than trying to fight them on your own. A Bellevue gun lawyer who understands firearms laws could provide critical legal assistance.

In addition to defending you against gun charges, a lawyer could safeguard your constitutional rights while fighting to secure the best outcome possible in your case. Contact Berry Law to speak with an experienced firearm attorney in Bellevue about your case today.

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