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Many of the attorneys at Berry Law are former and retired military personnel who understand what it means to serve our nation. Military service often comes with unique sacrifices and life experiences that shape men and women across our country and are formative to their personal growth. As a consequence, these experiences can sometimes leave Veterans feeling lost or without purpose when they return. 

We are grateful to have been part of the 6th Annual Big Red Challenge, whose mission is to provide support for Veterans in their transition to civilian life through challenge, service, and community. The Big Red Challenge is more than just a race:  it is a 7K obstacle course designed by the Marine Corps League Cornhusker Detachment 370 and Ironhide Construction, Inc. The course featured more than 20 obstacles such as Ranger Up, Under Siege, Tarzan, and Under Fire. 

Each year the race brings together servicemembers, Veterans, and civilians to challenge themselves and celebrate the warrior spirit. Obstacles are specifically designed to simulate an actual combat skill, resulting in a course that will both push your limits and give a sense of the type of training our service members experience.

Participants received a t-shirt and dog tags as well as a finisher medal. We had a lot of fun at this year’s Big Red Challenge, and the expo following the race was a great opportunity to meet other Veterans in the community!

To learn more about the Big Red Challenge and upcoming events, click here.


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