Berry Law Welcomes Attorney Andrew Strotman to the Firm

Andrew Strotman – a former judge advocate of the Marine Corps – has joined the Berry Law, adding his years of white-collar advocacy to the firm’s repertoire.

Berry Law of Nebraska welcomes its latest addition, Andrew Strotman, to the firm, a lawyer with a military background and a strong reputation for handling white-collar criminal cases and civil litigation involving the government.

Strotman served ten years in the Marine Corps, first as an infantry officer and later as a judge advocate. He graduated summa cum laude from the Creighton University School of Law. As a trial defense counsel at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Strotman participated in the defense of several high-profile cases involving charges ranging from homicide to capital espionage. Following his Marine Corps service, he practiced 26 years at a large Nebraska firm as a criminal and civil litigator, as well as the firm’s general counsel.

Today, Strotman focuses heavily on white-collar criminal cases and parallel civil or administrative proceedings. His clients are typically businesses, their owners or officers, government officials, or medical or legal professionals. He also continues to represent service members and veterans in a variety of encounters with the government.

“For more than 25 years, I handled cases alongside and occasionally against John Stevens Berry Sr. and the Berry Law,” Strotman says. “I always admired their skill, tenacity, integrity, and above all, their devotion to our service members and veterans. I am excited to be a part of the Berry Law tradition and to continue to serve those who serve.”

The addition of Andrew Strotman is a testament to the Berry Law’s rapid growth in recent years and its commitment to serving veterans. A steady history of successful cases throughout Nebraska has expanded the firm’s criminal practice, and their nationwide reputation for handling veterans’ disability claims has led the firm to open another office in Kansas City, as well as placing veterans’ lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona and Sydney, Australia. Altogether, the firm has thousands of clients both nationally and internationally.

Berry Law’s commitment to serving military veterans is further reflected in the fact that it has also opened an office in Seward, where the firm strongly supports the National Guard Museum. A quarterly newsletter – The Service Connection – is published and distributed to its veteran client base, keeping veterans around the world up-to-date on important legal changes and cases.

Founding attorney John Stevens Berry Sr.: “I remember when we used our criminal and civil trial practice to allow us to represent veterans pro bono before the law changed and we could charge for our services on behalf of veterans. Our firm has veterans from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, as does the Berry family.”

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