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  • Nebraska State Tort Claims Act Appeal

    Successful Appeal / Case Remanded

    Client initially filed a tort claim against the State that was dismissed by the court. The trial court found that our client, by writing “to be determined” rather than a dollar amount in the “damages” field of the tort claim forms produced by the State, failed to strictly comply with the pre-lawsuit filing requirements. Berry Law attorney Michael Wilson appealed to the Nebraska Supreme Court, arguing that the trial court erred because Nebraska law requires only “substantial compliance”, not the “strict compliance” urged by the State. The Supreme Court agreed, reversed the trial court’s dismissal of our client’s case, and remanded the case for further proceedings.

  • Client Expelled from Graduate Program at University

    Termination Reversed and Penalty Reduced to Probation

    Client expelled from University graduate school for alleged violation of academic code of conduct. Berry Law attorney Susan Napolitano showed that the University’s investigation and penalty procedures were not followed. The University reversed the termination and the penalty was reduced to probation. Client allowed to graduate with a clean academic record.

  • Title IX Investigation

    Client Reinstated to Graduate Program

    Berry Law provided counsel to a student who had been temporarily suspended from University graduate program due to Title IX allegations. After two appeals, the efforts allowed the student to be reinstated to the graduate program and face no further consequences.

  • Intentional Tort Claim

    Client offered $0 Settlement, Awarded $47,000 at Trial

    Client was offered $0 to settle in an intentional tort case and came to Berry Law Firm for assistance.  Berry Law took the case to trial and our client was awarded $47,000 by a jury.

  • State Pays $250k to a Wrongly Convicted Man

    State Pays $250k to a Wrongly Convicted Man

    A Grand Island man will receive $250,000 from the state of Nebraska due to being wrongfully convicted of killing his wife. Evidence was withheld and prosecutorial misconduct occurred, causing the man’s conviction to be overturned in 1970 by the Nebraska Supreme Court. His attorney, John Stevens Berry, said the state will also include costs in the total amount.

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