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  • Domestic Abuse Protection Order

    Ex Parte Protection Order Dismissed

    Client was facing termination from his job, loss of 2nd Amendment Rights, and removal from his home due to a domestic abuse protection order.  Berry Law attorney Seth Morris successfully argued that there was conflicting testimony, no independent evidence, no witnesses, and a history of untruthfulness by the Petitioner causing the judge to dismiss the case. Gun rights reinstated, client not removed from his home, and will not be terminated from his employment.

  • First Degree False Imprisonment

    Felony Count Dismissed

    Client charged with First Degree False Imprisonment, a Class IIIA felony punishable by up to 3 years imprisonment. Oftentimes, attorneys waive preliminary hearings. However, Berry Law attorney Michael Wilson successfully argued that the client’s alleged conduct did not constitute the “restraint” required by the false imprisonment statute, resulting in the judge dismissing the case at the preliminary hearing. Felony Count Dismissed.

  • 3rd Degree Domestic Assault

    Case Dismissed

    Client charged with 3rd Degree Domestic Assault in Lancaster County, NE. Berry Law defense attorney Bill Kurtenbach pushed the case to trial, and the case was ultimately dismissed at the State’s cost. This allowed the client to retain their Second Amendment Rights, which can be endangered in domestic assault cases. Case Dismissed.

  • Use of Weapon During Commission of a Felony

    Favorable Plea Agreement

    Client in Cheyenne County, NE, facing a Class II felony for use of a weapon during the commission of a felony and a Class IV felony for not having a drug tax stamp. Berry Law attorney David Tarrell successfully negotiated a plea bargain in which the client pled to 3 misdemeanor charges, resulting in a sentence of only fines/restitution.

  • 3 Counts of Domestic Abuse

    All Cases Dismissed

    Client faced multiple domestic abuse charges in Sarpy County. Berry Law attorney Matt Knipe successfully argued on his clients’ behalf that he was merely defending himself. After presenting the defendant’s case to the prosecutor and showing that he was acting purely out of self-defense and should have never been arrested in the first place, all charges were dropped.

  • Possession of Marijuana

    Case Dismissed

    Client charged with possession of marijuana in Pottawattamie County, Iowa. After significant and continuing negotiations by Berry Law attorney Matt Knipe, the prosecutor dismissed the charges completely. The client will not have a criminal record. Case Dismissed.

  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident Investigation

    Investigation Closed without Charges Filed

    Officers contacted client who retained Berry Law attorney Matt Knipe. Knipe notified law enforcement that he represented the client and they were not to speak to her withoutno him present. After following up with a several phone calls, Knipe reached the investigator and confirmed his client wished to exercise her right to remain silent. Without an admission or incriminating statements from our client, law enforcement could not identify the driver. Therefore, there was no probable cause to make an arrest or issue a citation, and the investigation was closed without any charges being filed.

  • Hit and Run (Prefile)

    No Charges Filed

    Client was cited for a Hit and Run in Sarpy County after officers conducted a partial investigation. After hiring Berry Law attorney Matt Knipe, the Sarpy County Attorney’s Office informed us that they would not need to appear in court as they were not proceeding with the prosecution. No charges were filed.

  • Third Degree Sexual Assault

    Not Guilty Verdict

    Client accused of third degree sexual assault in Lancaster county, Nebraska. Berry Law attorney Seth Morris worked through the inconsistencies in the accuser’s story and a lack of evidence. After 45 minutes of deliberation, the jury found the client not guilty.

  • First Degree Sexual Assault/Statutory Rape

    Case Dismissed

    Client charged with first degree sexual assault (statutory rape) in Lincoln, Lancaster County. After a jury trial, the client was found not guilty. Case dismissed.

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