• Third Degree Sexual Assault

    Not Guilty Verdict

    Client accused of third degree sexual assault in Lancaster county, Nebraska. Berry Law attorney Seth Morris worked through the inconsistencies in the accuser’s story and a lack of evidence. After 45 minutes of deliberation, the jury found the client not guilty.

  • First Degree Sexual Assault/Statutory Rape

    Case Dismissed

    Client charged with first degree sexual assault (statutory rape) in Lincoln, Lancaster County. After a jury trial, the client was found not guilty. Case dismissed.

  • Title IX Appeal

    Successful Appeal & Reinstatement

    Client, a medical student at Creighton university, was falsely accused of sex assault and sexual misconduct. Initially, the Title IX office found the student had committed sexual assault. At a criminal trial, the student was found not guilty. The student appealed his Title IX ruling and won re-instatement to resume his education.

  • Sexual Assault

    Not Guilty

    Omaha client charged with sexual assault in Douglas County, Nebraska. Client found not guilty after trial.

  • Sexual Assault of a Child (1st Degree), Sexual Assault of a Child (3rd Degree), and Child Abuse

    Charges Dismissed & Reduced

    Client falsely accused of Sexual Assault of a Child in the First Degree (Class IB Felony), Sexual Assault of a Child in the Third Degree (Class IIIA Felony), and Child Abuse (Class IIIA Felony). Client was facing a possible prison sentence of 20 years to life in prison. Berry Law attorney Chad Wythers was able to get both felony charges of sexual assault dismissed and the charge of child neglect reduced to a misdemeanor. Client sentenced to 6 months of probation.

  • Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana, Interstate Drug Stop

    Not Guilty/Dismissed

    Client charged in Douglas County with possession with intent to distribute marijuana based on an interstate drug stop where police officers located 27lbs of marijuana. Berry Law Firm won the motion to suppress evidence based on an illegal traffic stop in violation of the client’s 4th Amendment rights. After the court granted Berry Law Firm’s motion, the prosecutor dismissed the case.

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