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  • The MORE Act

    The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act, otherwise known as the MORE Act, is federal legislation that seeks to decriminalize marijuana. Currently, possession of marijuana is a federal offense and can be prosecuted as such.…
  • How Long Can Police Detain Me to Conduct a Search?

    Imagine that you are driving down the interstate and you are pulled over for a routine traffic stop. You are held by the police for 45 minutes while the officer calls in another patrol car…
  • Nebraska Drug Tax Stamp

    Nebraska Drug Tax Stamp
    Nebraska Marijuana and Controlled Substances Tax Nebraska has severe punishment for drug crimes. Drivers with out-of-state plates are frequently pulled over traveling through Nebraska on Interstate 80 for a variety of reasons. Law enforcement then…
  • Do Drug Dogs Really Find Drugs?

    Do Drug Dogs Really Find Drugs?
    Drug dogs are trained to alert to the odor of narcotics. This means that a properly-trained drug dog may alert to the odor of narcotics without narcotics being present. This is problematic for many reasons,…
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