Any criminal conviction can change a person’s life, but a drug conviction can have particularly disastrous results. He or she may lose out on career opportunities and housing in the future because of a drug conviction on his or her record. A Cozad drug lawyer could fight the drug charges you are facing.

Working with an aggressive criminal defense lawyer could allow you to explore the various options for resolving your case. With a competent legal advocate from Berry Law on your side, you could work toward a better outcome for your future.

Controlled Substances Offenses in Cozad

Interstate 80, which crosses the state of Nebraska, passes just south of Cozad. As a result, local law enforcement officials often target drivers they suspect are transporting drugs across the country via I-80. In many cases, law enforcement may focus unfairly on drivers with out-of-state license plates or rental cars. This can result in police pulling individuals over on minor traffic offenses as a pretext to search for drugs.

Although both federal and state prosecutors can pursue drug charges, federal authorities may assume jurisdiction of drug cases in some circumstances. For example, federal prosecutors may get involved when drug arrests net a large quantity of illegal drugs or they believe drug trafficking is taking place across more than one state. When a case impacts interstate commerce, such as interstate drug trafficking schemes, federal authorities can have jurisdiction to prosecute the case.

Typically, federal authorities will not intervene unless the drug charges involve about 500 pounds or more of marijuana, or 25 grams or greater of more dangerous drugs such as methamphetamine or heroin. Anyone who is facing federal drug charges should contact a drug attorney in Cozad for legal representation and advice.

Federal Drug Charges and Penalties

Under federal drug sentencing guidelines, penalties for drug offenses depend on the classification or schedule of the drug involved and the amount of the drug. Other relevant factors may include whether the accused has any prior drug convictions or whether he or she acted alone or as part of a group. Severe injuries or deaths that resulted from the offense also may impact the level of the charge and accompanying penalties.

For example, for a first-time marijuana offense of fewer than 50 kilograms or plants, a person could face up to five years in prison and $250,000 in fines. For a repeat offender caught with 1,000 or more kilos or plants, however, the penalties can include a prison sentence ranging from 20 years to life and $8 million in fines.

The potential penalties for federal offenses involving more dangerous drugs are far harsher. Federal law sets different weight thresholds for mixtures containing drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl. A first offense can yield a prison sentence of five to 40 years, while a second offense can result in ten years to life in federal prison. A drug lawyer in Cozad could help those in this situation understand the complexity of the federal laws governing drug offenses, as well as the full range of the penalties they may face.

Call a Cozad Drug Attorney for Help

When you are arrested on drug charges, it is crucial to fight back. Developing an effective defense strategy can be instrumental in reaching as positive a resolution to your case as soon as possible. Call Berry Law today for a consultation to learn how a Cozad drug lawyer can fight your drug charges.

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