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In Hamilton County, near the town of Aurora, NE, drug busts have increased over the last few years. Many of these are interstate drug stops in which law enforcement is searching for marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, or heroin. Often, law enforcement is not only searching for narcotics, but also large amounts of cash.

Because Hamilton County is along a stretch of Interstate 80 known as a “drug corridor,” state patrol and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office are on high alert for suspicious activity associated with out-of-state drivers.

Out-of-state drivers that are arrested for transporting drugs often face felony charges as well as prison time. They fear losing their jobs and the life-long consequences of a felony drug conviction.

Fighting Unlawful Traffic Stops in Hamilton County

While profiling out-of-state drivers is frowned upon, it is legal. If police have a legitimate reason to stop a vehicle, it does not matter whether police were profiling an out-of-state driver based on a California, Oregon, or Washington license plate.

However, in some cases, the traffic stop itself is illegal because there is no valid reason to pull over the driver. When this is true, all evidence obtained during the subsequent illegal search is thrown out and the case is usually dismissed.

While police can always search a car with lawful consent, in some instances consent is coerced. This makes the search illegal. Furthermore, there are times when law enforcement does not have the probable cause necessary to initiate a search. When police break the law to find evidence of marijuana, methamphetamine, or other narcotics, the evidence is not allowed to be used against the accused at trial.

Why Choose Berry Law?

Our drug defense lawyers at Berry Law have been fighting drug offenses for over 50 years. Founding attorney John Stevens Berry Sr. has fought drug offenses and other criminal matters in 24 states and 2 foreign countries.

Many of our criminal defense attorneys at Berry Law took an oath to support and defend the Constitution both as lawyers and as military officers. Berry Law attorneys relentlessly defend the Constitutional rights of those who have been illegally stopped.

If you have been arrested for a drug offense in Hamilton County, contact Berry Law to discuss your potential defenses today.

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