When someone is charged with a drug crime, it is important that he or she takes every possible step to protect his or her rights. One of the best ways to do this is to contact an aggressive lawyer with experience defending against Lincoln drug crimes.

An experienced drug crimes lawyer will know what to do to fight the charges you are facing. They can carefully examine the case against you to find a defense that would give you the best chance of a positive outcome. With the help of a dedicated attorney from Berry Law, you may be able to protect your reputation and rights.

What Are Common Constitutional Issues in Drug Cases?

There are several constitutional issues that can arise in a drug case. The one constitutional issue that is present in nearly every drug case is violations of the Fourth Amendment. The lawfulness of the search and seizure of a person’s home, automobile, or person comes up nearly every time.

Issues concerning information from a person’s cell phone have increased as well, specifically because previously the police were able to send a subpoena to Verizon or U.S. Cellular, whoever may be the carrier of the phone and track everywhere a person has been. As of right now, law enforcement can use a sealed warrant that allows them to use cell data and put a person in exact places on a certain day.  However, law enforcement can also get a warrant for all of a person’s text messages, emails, and images. An attorney can help determine if a search was legal as well as whether any other defenses to Lincoln drug crimes are available.

How a Lincoln Lawyer Can Help

The reason a person should contact an attorney if he or she is facing drug charges is because even a seemingly minor criminal charge can have severe and long-lasting implications. A person could lose their job, their right to vote, their ability to possess firearms, and their reputation could be damaged. Additionally, depending on the drugs and the quantity, they could face years in prison.

The best time for a person to contact an attorney is as soon as they are contacted by law enforcement. They should never talk to the officers. The police may try to make it sound as if they are trying to clear the person’s name, or they are working in their best interest. The sooner an attorney is on a person’s case, the sooner they can work to protect their rights and reputation. A well-versed lawyer can start building a defense to the Lincoln drug crimes as soon as they are on the case.

Get Help Defending Against Lincoln Drug Crimes

Although facing any drug crime is daunting, there is help available. A proactive attorney can start fighting any charges you are facing from the outset. By thoroughly analyzing the evidence against you, they can work to build a strong defense to the charges against you. Learn more about the process of defending against Lincoln drug crimes by calling Berry Law today.

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