Conviction of a drug crime in Lincoln state court can have serious and lasting consequences. If you have been charged with a state drug offense, it is important to contact a Nebraska drug crime lawyer as soon as possible. Your rights and freedoms are at stake and an attorney can help protect them.

Berry Law Firm has defended hundreds of clients charged with both state and federal drug crimes in the Lincoln and Omaha areas. To make an appointment with our Nebraska state drug charge attorneys, please call (402) 817-6550 or contact us online.

Overview of Drug Charges in the State of Nebraska

We aggressively defend adults and juveniles charged with misdemeanor drug offenses such as:

Our attorneys take on drug crime cases involving nearly every type of narcotic, controlled substance, and illegal drug, including the following:

  • Marijuana
  • Medical marijuana
  • Cocaine / crack
  • Ecstasy/MDMA

Even if you were charged with possessing a small amount of marijuana, it can be a serious matter. A drug crime conviction will remain on your record and can prevent you from getting jobs, obtaining certain licenses and getting into college.

Contact Our Nebraska State Drug Crime Attorney

Do not attempt to handle a drug charge without an experienced drug crime lawyer. Berry Law firm has a record of success in drug crime cases and can argue for pretrial diversion or other alternative sentencing. Please call our Nebraska offices at (402) 817-6550 to schedule an appointment with our drug possession attorneys. We proudly serve clients in Omaha, Lincoln, and throughout all of Nebraska.

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