Everything you do after a car accident can impact the success of your potential lawsuit, including the way you interact with the other party at the scene of the crash and the language you use when speaking with your insurer. The aftermath of a severe vehicle collision can be overwhelming, so it is crucial to be aware of the common mistakes to avoid in a Lincoln car accident case. Talk to one of our skilled attorneys at Berry Law to learn what you can do to protect your rights in a personal injury claim.

The Mistake of Apologizing at the Scene of the Accident

For many people, apologizing is somewhat of a habit. Someone might say, “I’m sorry,” even if he or she did nothing wrong. During a typical day, this is not necessarily a problem. At the scene of a car accident, however, you should refrain from apologizing. The other party and the police may consider that an admission of fault.

There is no harm in being polite to the other driver and working amicably to call law enforcement, but do not apologize. You should exchange contact and insurance information with the other party and answer the police officer’s questions, but avoid saying more than necessary.

If you happened to make the mistake of apologizing at the scene, that doesn’t mean your car accident case is ruined. Speak with a local attorney to determine how best to proceed.

Missteps Regarding Medical Care and Health Insurance

One of the biggest mistakes people make after getting into car accidents is failing to seek medical treatment. If there is no record that you sought medical treatment immediately after the wreck, the other party might claim something else caused your injuries. Additionally, if you do not continue to go to your appointments or fail to follow the doctor’s orders, the other party is less likely to take your injuries seriously.

When injured parties do go to the hospital right after the accident, another common error is forgetting to inform the medical facility of their health insurance provider. When you don’t give the hospital an insurance company to bill, you will be liable for all the expenses. Furthermore, you will not have access to the benefits your provider offers.

Cashing a Settlement Check from a Lincoln Insurance Company

If you were in an accident, the negligent party’s insurance company might contact you soon after to offer a settlement. Accepting this check and cashing it is a mistake many people make after severe car crashes.

While accepting the money may seem like an easy way to secure compensation for your injuries, the insurance company is often attempting to settle the case for less than its actual value. Moreover, the letter accompanying the check may have a memorandum indicating that cashing the check signals the full and final settlement of all claims.

Modern case law requires that individuals must agree to a settlement and waiver of rights knowingly and intentionally. However, you still have a responsibility to read the documents the insurance company sends you. If you cash the first check without reading the accompanying letter, you may lose the chance to seek adequate compensation. An experienced attorney at Berry Law can advise you against accepting offers prematurely.

A Lawyer Can Help You Avoid the Common Mistakes in Lincoln Car Accident Cases

If a negligent driver harmed you in an auto collision, it is best to consult a lawyer familiar with the potential errors you could make during your case. At Berry Law, we seek to help you understand the common mistakes to avoid in Lincoln car accident cases. Contact our firm today for a free consultation with a dedicated lawyer.

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