When two cars traveling in opposite directions crash into each other, it is called a head-on or front-end collision. Often, this happens when both cars are traveling at higher speeds, meaning the damage from the resulting impact can be devastating.

If you or a loved one were injured in a front-end collision, it is crucial you reach out to a Lincoln head-on collision lawyer. The diligent car accident lawyers at Berry Law have experience fighting for the rights of people in your circumstances. With our help, you may be able to reach an optimal outcome in your claim.

What Is a Head-On Collision?

A head-on collision occurs when oncoming vehicles crash into each other. These types of motor vehicle accidents are often some of the most catastrophic.

These collisions often happen on narrow or winding roads, when an inattentive driver is drifting into the oncoming lane, or in bad weather. Additionally, when a driver is distracted or otherwise not paying attention to the road, they can cause a head-on collision.

The injuries associated with head-on collisions are often serious because the two vehicles are often traveling at a substantial speed when they collide. This means that the force of the impact often results in catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and internal damage.

Assigning Faul in Lincoln

An insurance company will assess the specific circumstances of the collision when assigning fault. An important factor in determining fault is whether one of the drivers violated traffic law. When a driver fails to follow traffic laws and causes an accident, it is a clear indication of liability.

Generally, the clearer the fact pattern, or the more firm the evidence, the more likely that fault will be assigned appropriately. A Lincoln head-on collision lawyer can help examine the available evidence to determine fault.

What to Know About Contacting an Attorney

The first step a person should take looking for an attorney is to evaluate the type of attorney they need and what type of experience they should have. Not every attorney handles every type of case. Therefore, it is important to find an attorney who has experience handling the specific type of case.

Second, a person should gather all of the documentation they can find concerning their accident and injury. It is a good idea to keep a journal with the names, addresses, and telephone number of witnesses, medical providers, and anyone else with information relevant to the case.

The third action a person should take when hiring an attorney is to meet with them and make sure they are comfortable with the person who is going to be handling their case.  It is important that the injured person develops a strong rapport with their attorney and can trust them.

Contact a Lincoln Head-On Collision Attorney

Because of the force of impact, front-end car crashes are some of the most dangerous. Often, these wrecks result in catastrophic, if not fatal injuries. This makes working with an experienced Lincoln head-on collision attorney crucial. A dedicated attorney can fight for you to get the justice you deserve. Call today to discuss your rights.

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