When it comes to child sexual and physical abuse charges, the people who are accused most often are those in day care, education and sports-related activities. The likely reason for this is clearly not because teachers, coaches or day care providers are more likely to engage in child sex abuse, but instead that these are all professions that deal with the care and education of children, and the people in those positions are responsible for the protection of children. When rumors of abuse start, parents and investigators rightfully take them seriously. Once a report is made to law enforcement, an investigation will commence.

A teacher, coach or child care provider can be completely innocent of sexual misconduct and be the potential victim of false allegations of a child. What may have started as an innocent comment by the child could lead to further questioning and interrogation of the child until he or she starts to believe that something terrible happened. The unskilled questioning of a child can be extremely problematic. Several criminal cases and scientific studies have provided evidence that children’s memories can be tainted by improper law enforcement interview techniques. Furthermore, experts in the area of child forensic interviews generally agree that excessive and aggressive questioning by parents who suspect sexual abuse can also improperly influence a child’s memory.

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At Berry Law, we protect the rights and future of those wrongly accused of sexual or physical abuse. Oftentimes these cases are decided publicly and by the media before the accused individual ever steps a foot in the courtroom. These cases require experienced and dedicated criminal defense representation.

Sexual and Physical Abuse Charges Involving Day Care, Teachers, Coaches in Lincoln

Upon learning of sexual assault allegations, most teachers, coaches, and day care providers become immediately concerned with how the allegations will affect their jobs and reputations. They want to clear their names immediately. Often they submit themselves to interrogations without consulting with an attorney believing that they can set the record straight by themselves. The unwitting coach who believes he is clearing his name often provides corroboration to parts of the allegation against him, resulting in arrest. It is important for any innocent person accused of a crime to know his or her rights and when and where it is beneficial to assert those rights.

There is a lot on the line in child abuse cases; especially if it is for sexual abuse or child molestation. If convicted, you face not only potential jail time and fines, but also being listed on the sex offender registry or child abuse registry. This seriously hampers one’s ability to obtain employment, not to mention ruining one’s reputation. We will fight for your future. Reach out to Berry Law today for help.

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