The government has considerable reach in the investigation of cyber crimes, including the ability to seize your computer hard drive and trace your Internet records. The definition of wire fraud has been stretched to cover many online transactions and communications.

If you have been arrested or investigated for an Internet-related crime, the high stakes demand prompt intervention. Contact the skilled white collar crimes lawyers of Berry Law Firm in Lincoln and Omaha to protect your rights and fight these serious allegations.

Defense in Omaha & Lincoln

Berry Law Firm regularly defends people charged with white collar crimes and sex crimes, including felony charges linked to computer use and the Internet:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Phishing and identity theft
  • Internet scams
  • Offering stolen merchandise (eBay, Craigslist, etc.)
  • Child pornography
  • Soliciting sex
  • Cyberstalking or harassment in violation of protective orders
  • Wire fraud and conspiracy

The Internet is not nearly as private and anonymous as you think. Cyberspace is crawling with law enforcement personnel and informants — you could be chatting with an undercover officer without realizing it. E-mails you send, websites you visit, postings on Facebook and anything you download can leave a trace, even if you thought you deleted it.

E-mails and deleted files can implicate you, but they can also cast doubt on the government’s case or help prove your innocence. Our Lincoln internet crimes attorneys aggressively challenge the electronic trail that supposedly ties you to a crime. Who else had access to your computer or online accounts? Are your online communications being misconstrued? We also examine Fourth Amendment defenses regarding search and seizure. Was there probable cause for a search warrant or was it a fishing expedition? Was there entrapment?

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Virtually any use of the Internet in connection with a fraud crime can be construed as wire fraud, a federal crime. Our Lincoln internet crimes attorneys are experienced in the rules and technical aspects of federal court. Whether state or federal charges, we identify and exploit a weakness in the prosecution’s case to dismiss or reduce the charges or obtain a favorable sentencing outcome.

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