Seth Morris Quoted in the Huffington Post

A nation-wide publication recently mentioned Berry Law: Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Lawyers attorney, Seth Morris. The Huffington Post published an article discussing the advent of body cameras on police officers. In fact, this was the first case in Nebraska where cameras were allowed in the courtroom.

One of Seth’s clients was arrested in Lincoln and the body cameras of the arresting officers were conveniently turned off after initially being on. Seth claimed that because the body cameras had been functioning improperly, it becomes difficult to take one person’s word over the other. Defense attorneys such as Seth are beginning to claim that if body cam footage from a police officer is turned off or altered without reasonable explanation, the civilian’s word should be taken because the deleted footage most likely benefits the civilian.

The article quotes Morris’ insight on the altercation. “Without the body cameras, they couldn’t take one person’s word over the other,” said Morris. “No matter what did or didn’t happen, it just seems like you’re trying to hide something at that point.”

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Seth Morris is one of the defense attorneys at Berry Law: Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Lawyers. Seth has been fighting for his clients’ rights in the state of Nebraska for years. Some specific areas Seth works in include marijuana and I-80 drug stops, criminal justice, and firearms rights. Seth is continually recognized in national publications such as this one for his work in criminal justice.

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