Crimes charged in federal court may lead to much harsher penalties than those in Omaha’s criminal courts. If you are facing federal criminal charges or are being investigated, do not wait to contact an experienced defense attorney from our team. A dedicated Omaha federal crimes lawyer from the Berry Law Firm would be familiar with how government agencies and law enforcement investigate these cases, as well as possess ample knowledge of federal sentencing guidelines.

Defending Charges in Federal Court

We are skilled defense attorneys and relentless trial lawyers. Since 1965, we have tackled thousands of cases and have successfully represented numerous clients in federal court. Not many criminal defense lawyers have the resources or the experience to deal with federal prosecutors and agencies that we do.

From investigating the details of your alleged crime and finding weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case to scrutinizing federal law enforcement search tactics, we prepare each case with tenacity and great attention to detail. One of our diligent team members can help if you are facing charges for the following federal crimes:

How Does a Federal Criminal Charge Differ from a State Criminal Charge?

The federal criminal justice system operates independently of state courts. This means that the laws which prohibit certain activities under federal law may be different from the provisions outlined in state law. Additionally, a supposed violation of federal law may result in a trial in a United States District Court as opposed to a local state tribunal.

It is also possible for alleged criminal conduct to violate both state and federal law. One prominent example of this is drug possession. Simply obtaining an illegal substance is against the law under both federal and Omaha law. Even so, the potential penalties for a conviction in these settings will differ.

Unfortunately, it is possible to face prosecution for the same activity in both state and federal courts. However, an Omaha attorney could help explain the interactions between state and federal laws and how they can impact the outcome of a criminal case.

Common Examples of Federal Criminal Charges

As previously mentioned, one of the most common examples of a federal criminal offense is illegal drug possession. The law considers the illegal possession of controlled substances as a public health hazard. According to 21 United States Code §841, having any amount of illegal substances in one’s possession is illegal. In many cases, a conviction can result in a mandatory minimum jail sentence and the forfeiture of substantial assets.

Another common example of a federal offense is the use of technology to defraud other parties. Examples of cyber crimes include intercepting wire communications and the unauthorized use of a computer.

Other examples can include certain sex offenses, tax or mortgage fraud, and even sedition or terrorism. A lawyer in Omaha could build a strong defense against any allegations of federal criminal activity.

Call an Omaha Federal Crimes Attorney Today

Regardless of the facts and circumstances of your case, we are here to help you get through this stressful time. We are confident that we have the resources, the skills, and the right experience to help you fight your federal charges.

Hiring an attorney from Berry Law can help you understand the charges that you face, identify realistic goals, and develop a strategy to help make those goals a reality. Start your defense by scheduling a confidential consultation with an Omaha federal crimes lawyer from our firm today.

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