Proffer sessions can be a useful way to show your cooperation in a criminal investigation, protect yourself against potential charges, or push for a lesser charge. However, federal criminal investigations are incredibly complex, and engaging with the prosecution on your own could negatively affect your case and your future.

While you are not required to have legal representation when you are charged with a crime or brought in for questioning, it can be very beneficial to have an attorney when preparing for a proffer session in an Omaha federal criminal investigation. A skilled lawyer can protect you from any issues that arise before or during the proffer session.

Reviewing the Initial Proffer Letter from the Federal Government

The first step in preparing for a proffer session is to review the initial letter sent by federal law enforcement officers. The legal language in these documents can be confusing and obtuse, and an experienced lawyer can help you review it to determine whether the terms are favorable.

Many defendants make the mistake of not reading the proffer letter thoroughly. This can lead to misunderstandings about what can and cannot be used against them in the proffer session. For example, there may be a clause excluding violent acts from your immunity. A well-versed lawyer can explain all the elements of the proffer letter clearly before the session.

Preparing Your Statement Before the Proffer Session

Before a proffer session, your attorney will work with you to go over the statement you are giving to the federal agents. This is a critical step, as any inconsistencies in your statement can be used against you at trial. For example, if you name the person who committed the crime then mistakenly name another person, the prosecution can use those inconsistent statements in court. Rehearsing your statement with a legal professional can help you avoid exposing yourself to additional legal trouble.

Providing Reassurance

Giving a statement to federal law enforcement information about an ongoing investigation can be nerve-wracking. You may be apprehensive about the possibility of getting friends or family in trouble with your statement.

However, when you agree to a proffer session, you agree to be truthful and transparent. A dedicated lawyer can provide reassurance if you are worried about the upcoming proffer session.

Helping You Prepare for a Proffer Session in an Omaha Federal Criminal Investigation

If a federal law enforcement officer contacted you to discuss a proffer, you may be excited about the potential for immunity and may be tempted to just get it over with. However, you can better protect your interests by consulting with a lawyer before agreeing to a session. If you decide to go through the process alone, you may miss crucial details about the terms of your immunity and inadvertently share something that incriminates yourself.

Additionally, failing to practice your statement could lead to inconsistencies that make you vulnerable in court. The legal team at Berry Law understands the importance of preparing for a proffer session in an Omaha federal criminal investigation. We can provide support through every step of the process. Contact our firm today to schedule a confidential consultation and begin working with a lawyer.

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