Though most discussions of fraud center on consumers, businesses can also face charges for crimes related to deception and counterfeiting. Given the amount of revenue large companies take in, this type of fraud could involve considerable sums of money. For that reason, prosecutors typically pursue these cases aggressively.

If law enforcement accused you of business fraud, you are entitled to a strong legal defense. A skilled fraud lawyer can represent you in court and create a defense strategy tailored to your specific charges. An Omaha business and corporate fraud lawyer can help you fight back against the allegations made against you.

Understanding Payroll Fraud

Payroll fraud is the wrongful or fraudulent manipulation of payroll records. This type of fraud could involve employees attempting to obtain wages for hours they did not work. The simplest form of payroll fraud involves hourly workers clocking in when they are not on the job.

Payroll fraud can also occur at the hands of an employer or manager. In this instance, an employer could manipulate payroll records to avoid paying employees for the full time they worked. A manager might do this to save money or avoid the hassle of calculating overtime pay. If an employee accuses your business of payroll fraud, an Omaha attorney can evaluate the situation and develop a viable defense strategy.

Asset Misappropriation Charges in Business

Asset misappropriation is a form of corporate theft. It could involve stealing money from a cash register or taking home property that belongs to the company. However, not all asset misappropriation involves money or physical goods.

Asset misappropriation can also involve data theft. In many industries, customer or proprietary data is the most valuable asset a company can have. Misappropriating this data to sell or use for personal gain is a form of fraud.

In fields such as technology or finance, there can be a rush to judgment when assets or data disappear or are otherwise unaccounted for. If the company you work for is accusing you of stealing proprietary data, you can benefit from consulting an experienced corporate fraud attorney.

Corporate Insurance Fraud in Omaha

While insurance fraud is commonly seen among consumers, deceitful corporate insurance policies can also lead to prosecution. Nebraska Revised Statutes Section 44-6604 outlines the 12 individual elements of insurance fraud. The government only needs to establish one to obtain a conviction.

Each of these criminal acts involves a knowing attempt to defraud an insurance company by either obtaining lower premium rates or paid benefits that the claimant was not entitled to. In a corporate setting, this could involve anything from purposefully destroying a company car to providing fake proof of revenue to obtain lower premium rates. If you are a business owner facing corporate insurance fraud charges, it could be in your best interest to retain a dedicated lawyer right away.

Discuss Your Defense Options with an Omaha Business and Corporate Fraud Attorney

Whether you are an employee or an employer, allegations of fraud can lead to long-term challenges in your career. If convicted, you may have trouble finding work in your field again.

With the help of an attorney at Berry Law, you could have a better chance of successfully fighting your charges. Contact an Omaha business and corporate fraud lawyer today to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your case.

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