Although the gun laws in Nebraska are relatively lenient, there is still a process to legally possess a firearm in Omaha. Failing to follow these regulations can result in a person accidentally violating a law and putting his or her rights in danger. Therefore, if you have questions about the process to legally own a gun, it is important to discuss your rights and obligations with a well-versed gun lawyer.

Steps to Possess a Firearm

The steps a person must take to legally possess a firearm depends on whether it is a rifle or pistol. To have a pistol, a person must have an Omaha or Nebraska handgun purchase permit, which requires a trip to either the police station or the sheriff’s office. When applying, a person will pay five dollars and submit to a background check.

If he or she passes the background check, he or she gets an Omaha or Nebraska handgun purchase permit that is valid for three years. With the handgun purchase permit, a person can buy any firearm in Nebraska. However, if he or she lives in the City of Omaha, then he or she must go through additional steps.

Is the Process Challenging?

The process to legally possess a firearm in Omaha can be challenging, as it requires multiple steps. First of all, the person must register the firearm. Often, they are not allowed to take the firearm out of the gun store before they register it. In some cases, a person may lawfully buy a firearm but not be able to register it.

Necessary Documentation in Omaha

Depending on the specific circumstances, for a person to legally possesses a firearm in Omaha, they need documentation. For example, if someone is openly carrying a pistol or a rifle, they technically do not need any documentation. However, if they are concealed carrying a handgun, they need a driver’s license and a copy of their concealed carry permit.

When Can a Person Possess a Firearm

Nebraska is an open carry and concealed carry state, which means that a person can open carry a firearm in most public areas and can also conceal carry a handgun with the proper license.

However, there are exceptions both to the open carry and concealed carry rule. For example, a person is not allowed to carry a gun in any place the federal government prevents open or concealed carry. That includes courthouses, post offices, and other federal properties. An attorney can further explain when a person may legally possess a firearm.

Ask About the Process to Possess a Firearm in Omaha

A person may possess a firearm in Omaha for various reasons. Some people carry guns for personal safety reasons while others carry them for sporting. However, even though many people carry guns in Nebraska, it is important to follow the laws and regulations concerning firearms. This includes following the proper process to possess a firearm in Omaha. To learn more about the process, call Berry Law to discuss the laws with a knowledgeable attorney.

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