The changing weather in Omaha can make driving conditions dangerous. Especially when the weather changes quickly, it is important to use reasonable care to avoid accidents. If you were in a crash caused by poor conditions, an Omaha bad weather car accident lawyer could help.

A proactive car accident lawyer can thoroughly investigate the facts surrounding your case to help determine your options. An attorney from Berry Law can then guide you through the legal process to help you get the best possible outcome.

Avoiding Accidents in Bad Weather

Omaha is susceptible to bad weather because of its unique location. The region can see a wide range of temperatures, precipitation, and changing weather that can make the roads dangerous.

In weather-related accidents, a person will often lose control of his or her vehicle because he or she hit ice. Omaha is cold enough that there can be freezing rain and ice buildup during winter time coupled with high winds. Drivers should be paying close attention to the temperature and adjust their driving with the knowledge that there could be ice on the road because they may not be able to see an ice patch before hitting it.

The best step a person can take to protect himself or herself against weather-related accidents is to pay attention to his or her surroundings. It is important to be fully aware, especially if the weather is bad or it is cold enough for the roads to freeze.

How Can the Weather Impact a Claim in Omaha?

Fault refers to a situation where a person does not adhere to his or her legal obligation to use reasonable care. In situations where there is dangerous weather, all drivers must understand that they may need to use more care than they usually would.

Dangerous or inclement weather goes directly into the analysis of whether someone used reasonable care.  For example, a driver who can normally drive 45 MPH on a highway in good conditions and use reasonable care may breach that duty by driving 45 MPH on that same road in a blizzard. An Omaha bad weather car accident lawyer can further explain how weather can impact a claim.

Negligence in Severe Weather Crashes

There are several sources of information that can be used to prove that poor weather conditions were the cause of the accident. The federal government and state organizations track and record weather conditions all across the United States. These are great resources to prove what temperature and weather conditions existed at the time of the collision.

Crashes with Only One Vehicle

If there is not another vehicle involved, the attorney can help negotiate with the injured driver’s own insurance company to make sure that his or her policy pays any benefits that are due. This is especially helpful in situations where the insurance company may try to claim the driver was not using reasonable care.

Damages Available

Assuming there was another driver involved in a weather-related accident in Omaha, an injured individual can recover damages to compensate for the losses caused by the accident. He or she can recover lost wages, the cost of medical care, pain and suffering, any loss of use of the body, and permanent injuries.

How an Omaha Bad Weather Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Following a collision, an Omaha accidents involving bad weather and icy roads lawyer can help in several ways. A diligent lawyer can examine the causes of the accident to determine whether someone else’s conduct was the cause of a person’s injuries. Sometimes, there is no fault to assign to another party. In those situations, a lawyer can help negotiate with an insurance company. Call Berry Law today for a free case evaluation to learn more about your options.

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