No one plans for catastrophic injuries. Catastrophic injuries are injuries so severe that they could result in permanent disfigurement, impairment, or death. Catastrophic injuries may stem from a variety of accidents, including motor vehicle accidents, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, use of defective products, dog bites, and even slips and falls. Serious injuries may also leave someone with a life-altering disability.

Nebraska law establishes strict timelines for pursuing personal injury claims. As a result, you may wish to take steps to protect your rights as quickly as possible following a catastrophic accident. It is best to enlist the services of a skilled Omaha catastrophic injury lawyer before filing a claim.

Examples of Catastrophic Injuries in Omaha

In some cases, individuals sustain minor injuries in accidents that eventually result in a full recovery. Broken bones may be fully treated through surgery, casts, and physical therapy. Cuts and bruises are likely to heal and fade. Catastrophic injuries, however, may never heal. They can result in permanent impairments or significant losses in functional ability that were not present before the accident.

A catastrophic injury lawyer in Omaha may be able to help you fight for your financial well-being if you have suffered life-threatening injuries. Some typical examples of catastrophic injuries may include:

Not only are these catastrophic injuries likely to result in substantial medical expenses, but they may also require continuing medical care for permanent impairments and medical conditions. You may also be unable to work if you have suffered permanent injuries, which can result in a substantial loss of income over time.

Negligence and Catastrophic Injury Claims

Negligence forms the basis of most personal injury claims, including accidents that result in catastrophic injuries. When others act carelessly or recklessly and damages occur, they may be responsible for the costs related to those damages. A negligence standard measures how a reasonable person would act under the same or similar circumstances.

For example, distracted drivers, those who violate speed limits, or otherwise commit traffic violations may be liable for injuries if they cause an accident. This is especially true when others sustain catastrophic injuries. Likewise, if store owners fail to remedy uneven carpeting or flooring, clean up ice and snow, or eliminate spills in a timely fashion, then they may be liable if customers slip, fall, and suffer severe injuries as a result.

In some situations, injured plaintiffs may bear some responsibility for the accident that led to their injuries. For instance, in a motor vehicle accident, injured drivers may also have committed a traffic violation that contributed to the crash. If the injured victims are less than 50 percent responsible for the accident, however, they may still be able to pursue compensation from other responsible parties.

Call an Omaha Catastrophic Injury Attorney for Assistance

The aftermath of an accident where you suffered catastrophic injuries can be stressful, painful, and lengthy. While you are attempting to recover physically and build a new life following a major accident, you may need assistance in procuring the financial help to cover out-of-pocket expenses. An Omaha catastrophic injury lawyer may be able to handle legal and financial matters on your behalf while you concentrate your efforts on physical recovery.

Personal injury lawsuits are time-sensitive and can be very complex, both in terms of establishing liability and proving damages. Retaining legal representation throughout a claim could be essential to recovering the full compensation you deserve. Call Berry Law today to schedule a free consultation.

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