There is no one more important in your life than your children. That is why it can be so devastating when your child suffers an injury that is someone else’s fault. As a protective parent, you probably have many questions following your child’s injury. Questions like: “Who is responsible?” “How am I going to pay the medical bills?” “How do I or my child receive compensation for my child’s injuries?” or “What kind of lawyer should I hire for my child’s injury claim?”

These are all great questions, and it is important to understand what to do when your child suffers an injury. One of the first things you should do is call an Omaha child injury lawyer from Berry Law.

Types of Child Injuries

A child’s injury can occur in a variety of circumstances. Children are curious and do not shy away from exploring the world around them. We all have a duty to keep children safe. This is true, even when children get themselves into a precarious situation that causes an injury. When children are injured, the law often holds someone else liable or at fault for their injuries. Adults are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of children who are either placed directly in their care or who are in contact with them.

The most terrifying child injuries are catastrophic injuries, which can result in permanent bodily injury or death. Catastrophic child injuries can be the result of accidents on playgrounds, public roads and highways, daycares, amusement parks, and just about any place a child is likely to wander. While not all child accidents are catastrophic, they all have the potential to have a serious impact on a child.

One example is a dog bite. Dog bites are always the error of the dog owner. Nebraska law clearly states that dog owners are responsible for containing their canines in a way that protects others. If a dog is known to be more aggressive, the owner must always contain the dog and may have to follow special procedures such as warning signs that alert others of the possible danger. If a curious child wanders up to an aggressive dog, he or she would have no way of knowing it might be dangerous, and the child could end up hurt as a result.

Another type of injury a child may sustain could come from a car accident. Auto collisions are dangerous for everyone, but they are especially dangerous for small children. An Omaha child injury attorney can help determine who is at fault in a car accident and get the proper compensation from the insurance company to offset a family’s losses.

Defective toys and products are, sadly, common causes of child injuries. Some toys may be a choking hazard for small children, and defective toys have been known to cause lasting injuries with children. Cheap toys made in countries with fewer regulations may contain a dangerous or defective material that is unsafe for children. In this instance, the toy company could be responsible for your child’s injury, and you may be entitled to substantial compensation.

Working with the Right Lawyer

While there are many Omaha attorneys who work with children’s issues, they may not be experienced in child injury cases. While family attorneys and juvenile lawyers deal with cases concerning children, you may need to consult an Omaha personal injury attorney to truly understand the long-term physical and financial aspects of the child’s injury. Personal injury lawyers have experience handling traumas for people of all ages and may have the best ability to understand the compensation possibilities for your child’s injury.

Contact an Omaha Child Injuries Attorney Today

Your child’s injury is a serious event and should be treated properly. Between medical expenses, trauma, and worrying about your child’s well-being, an injury can be a difficult time for you and your family. Do not add any more stress to these troubling times by trying to figure out the court system on your own. We are here to help make you and your family whole again. Call a child injury lawyer in Omaha today for a free consultation.

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