Unfortunately, blind spot truck accidents in Omaha occur every year. Every type of vehicle has some blind spots, but trucks often have more than other cars due to the height and length of massive tractor-trailers.

Additionally, blind spots in trucks restrict a larger portion of the driver’s view. Many truckers try to warn other motorists about their blind spots by displaying warning signs on the rear of their trailers, stating that if you cannot see their mirrors, they cannot see you. However, displaying such signs should not automatically excuse a driver’s negligence.

If you were struck by a truck driver who failed to check their blind spots, you might be eligible to receive financial compensation. A skilled Omaha attorney from Berry Law can meet with you to advise you of your legal rights.

Where Are a Tractor-Trailer’s Blind Spots

Truck drivers must be aware of their blind spots. To be safe, they should check their blind spots regularly while they drive. They should be particularly vigilant when attempting to pass other vehicles, turn, or change lanes

The most dangerous blind spots are on the left and right sides of the cab, directly under the mirrors. Because trucks often have large hoods, drivers cannot see in front of their trucks for around 20 feet either. Large commercial trucks also do not have rearview mirrors, meaning operators usually cannot see behind their trailers for around 30 feet.

Newer commercial vehicles have safety measures to help drivers see, such as longer side-view mirrors, cameras, and smart technology like side-view assistance. However, these modifications cannot completely mitigate the blind spot problems. Truckers who fail to vigilantly check their blind spots should be responsible for the accidents they cause.

How an Omaha Attorney Will Investigate Your Case

A seasoned Omaha attorney can perform a detailed investigation of your truck crash to determine precisely how the accident occurred and whether blind spots played a role. Our legal team can review information from the truck’s data recorder and visit the scene of the crash to look for skid marks and other indications of fault.

We can also meet with eyewitnesses to determine whether they observed the driver’s behavior before the crash. Our legal representatives will also look into the practices of the driver’s employer to review their policies. This includes reviewing the trucking company’s hiring practices and training policies.

Depending upon the results of the investigation, our attorneys can help you pursue a blind spot accident claim against the negligent driver, the trucking company, or even the truck’s manufacturer.

Speak With an Omaha Attorney Who Understands Blind Spot Trucking Accidents

Tractor-trailer operators, like all other drivers, have a duty to drive carefully and protect the safety of those on the road. However, local, state, and federal agencies hold commercial truck drivers to a higher standard than motorists in passenger vehicles because of the damage a tractor-trailer collision can cause.

Blind spot truck accidents in Omaha can have devastating consequences. If you were in this type of crash, a skilled attorney can help you recover compensation. Reach out to Berry Law to see what we can do for you.

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