Truck drivers often work long hours and travel considerable distances during their shifts. However, federal law mandates that employees in this industry take regular breaks to avoid driving while fatigued. Whether someone is operating a fully loaded semi-truck or a small passenger car, driving while tired is dangerous.

If a trucker fails to take his or her required breaks and causes a severe accident, you have the right to file a personal injury claim for your injuries. The team at Berry Law has experience handling lawsuits for fatigued truck driver accidents in Omaha. Contact Berry Law today to speak with a tractor-trailer accident attorney and begin working on your claim.

Regulations for Truckers’ Working Hours and Breaks in Omaha

In Nebraska, truck operators may not begin a shift unless they had ten consecutive hours off duty. Commercial drivers can work for a maximum of 14 hours, but they may only drive 11 hours during that period. Additionally, every eight hours, they must have a 30-minute break.

There are also regulations concerning the maximum amount of time someone can drive in a week. A truck operator who violates these laws and drives while fatigued may be held liable for any accidents he or she causes.

The Importance of Logging Hours

Those who work in the trucking industry have a responsibility to log their hours and keep track of their rest periods. Many companies use electric systems to maintain their records and monitor their worker’s hours. If the owners or managers notice an employee is driving more than the maximum number of hours, they have a responsibility to take corrective action.

The Dangers of Driving a Tractor-Trailer While Fatigued

Driving while tired is dangerous for all drivers, but it is particularly unsafe for truckers. When operating a large commercial vehicle, it is essential to be alert and aware of one’s surroundings. Truckers who drive while fatigued risk swerving out of their lanes and colliding with other cars on the road. If a tractor-trailer driver swerves out of his or her lane when on a two-way highway, it can result in a deadly head-on collision. Rear-end collisions are also common, as exhausted drivers sometimes fail to notice red traffic lights at intersections.

Whether an individual is tired because he or she did not get enough sleep during off-work hours or intentionally skipped a break, driving while fatigued is an act of negligence. If a truck struck your car, talk to a lawyer right away. Our skilled attorneys can investigate the case and determine if fatigue played a role in the accident.

Is it Possible to Receive Compensation from a Truck Driver After an Accident?

If a tired truck operator caused your accident, you can pursue a legal claim against him or her. However, 18-wheeler collisions typically result in catastrophic injuries, and it is unlikely that the other driver’s insurance company provide adequate compensation. It is often better to seek compensation from the trucker’s employer.

Our Attorneys Can Handle Fatigued Truck Driver Accidents in Omaha

After a collision with a large commercial truck, you may be unsure of your legal options. Our attorneys at Berry Law are familiar with handling fatigued truck driver accidents in Omaha.

We can help you gather evidence and build a strong case against the other party. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule a confidential consultation and learn how Berry Law can assist you in your case.

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