Any automobile accident can cause devastating injuries, but truck wrecks are uniquely dangerous. The design of most semi-trucks makes them susceptible to jackknife accidents. This type of wreck occurs when the trailer of the vehicle skids to one side, making an acute angle with the cab.

When a large commercial truck jackknifes, it can take up multiple lanes of traffic and strike several other vehicles. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in this type of collision, you should speak with a skilled tractor-trailer accident lawyer. The attorneys at Berry Law have experience with cases resulting from jackknife truck accidents in Omaha.

Typical Scenarios That Lead to Jackknifing Incidents

Jackknife truck accidents occur most often in poor weather conditions. The trailer of a semi-truck is more likely to swing out if the road is wet, icy, or snowy. However, poor road conditions do not absolve truckers of fault in these types of wrecks. Operators should use appropriate caution given the weather conditions to avoid severe accidents.

Folding truck accidents can also happen when the weather is clear. For example, speeding can lead to a jackknife accident, especially if the truck driver attempts to stop or make a turn. Overweight cargo can also make a tractor-trailer more likely to fold in on itself.

What to Do After a Folded Truck Accident

Immediately after an accident, you should check yourself for any injuries. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may need emergency medical treatment. However, if you do not have an immediate medical crisis, you should attempt to gather information about the crash.

If you are able, make a quick note of what happened and take photographs of the truck. In addition to the license plate, it is helpful to take a picture of any logos that would indicate who owns the vehicle. Because jackknife accidents can involve several cars, you may not be able to speak with everyone. However, you should try to collect the contact information of the people nearest to you and find out if they have dashcam footage of the accident.

After leaving the scene of the wreck, it is crucial to seek medical attention and stay on top of any follow-up appointments. Once you have begun your medical treatment, a skilled Omaha attorney from Berry Law can help you determine whether you have a valid jackknife truck accident claim.

Who May Bear Liability for a Jackknife Wreck in Omaha?

Aside from the truck operator, there are several parties that could be responsible for a jackknife collision. The trucking company can be held liable for its employee’s negligent actions. Additionally, the vehicle manufacturer could be responsible if a faulty auto part caused the wreck. Because there are so many potentially liable parties in a jackknife accident claim, you should get in touch with a lawyer who can examine the facts of the case.

Interacting with the At-Fault Party

After a severe collision, the trucking company will likely try to get the vehicle repaired and back in service as quickly as possible. This is a problem because fixing the truck destroys the evidence. A seasoned lawyer can send an anti-spoilation letter to the negligent party requesting that they preserve all relevant evidence.

If the opposing party is clearly at fault, his or her insurance carrier will likely attempt to settle the case swiftly. The first offers from the insurer are generally low, so you should consider working with a jackknife accident attorney in Omaha to ensure you are adequately compensated.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney After a Jackknife Truck Accident in Omaha

If you suffered severe injuries in a jackknife truck accident in Omaha, you may be unsure how to proceed. The legal team at Berry Law can answer your questions and inform you of your legal options.

Our attorneys are familiar with these kinds of accidents and can support you throughout your case. Contact our firm today to schedule a free consultation and speak with a determined trial attorney.

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