Being accused of a sex crime can be a jarring and unforgiving introduction to the criminal justice system. These cases often proceed quickly and involve lengthy investigations. If you’re not careful about what you say and how you say it, you could accidentally incriminate yourself and hinder your ability to avoid a conviction.

Working with a skilled attorney could be crucial to effectively fighting your sex crime allegations. Let one of our lawyers help you understand what to expect in Omaha sex crimes cases to maximize your chances of success in and out of the courtroom.

How do Sex Crime Investigations Proceed?

One of the things that makes sexual offenses in the local criminal justice system unique is the degree to which they are investigated before charges are filed. While other types of criminal charges may stem from an arrest made at the scene of an alleged offense, it is extremely rare for someone to be arrested while in the process of committing a sex crime.

Instead, law enforcement will usually go to great lengths to investigate someone accused of a sexual offense. Depending on the nature of their alleged misconduct, the investigation may include interviews with witnesses, subpoenas for electronic records, preservation of audio and/or visual recordings taken during the incident in question, and even forensic evidence like the results of rape kits.

Anyone who is being investigated or suspects that an investigation is taking place for a sex crime in our area should speak to an attorney as soon as possible. You can expect that anything you say – from an official statement to police to an errant post on social media – will be used against you in court, and you can ensure you  have an effective defense strategy by hiring a skilled Omaha lawyer.

Effectively Contesting Sex Crime Charges in Omaha

Local sex crimes cases depend largely on circumstantial or subjective evidence. For example, a defendant’s DNA being at the scene of an alleged rape does not necessarily mean they are guilty of raping someone, but the prosecution may imply this through their presentation of evidence.

Presenting a comprehensive legal defense is not the only role our attorneys play, as we will also work to challenge specific elements of the prosecution’s case and exploit any doubt or alternative interpretations. Both physical evidence and witness testimony – including that of the alleged victim – could be contested both in and out of court to protect your best interests.

Learn What to Expect in Sex Crimes Cases from an Omaha Attorney

It is virtually impossible to predict exactly how a particular sex crimes case will proceed. However, there are some general trends in these cases worth noting, and hiring a firm that understands them can help boost your chances of obtaining a favorable resolution.

If you were accused of a sex crime in Omaha, a lawyer at our firm can help you understand what to expect from your case and how to best defend your rights. To schedule a consultation and learn more, call Berry Law today.

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