Whenever a student violates the code of conduct enforced by their college or university, they may be at risk of facing disciplinary action. In some cases, this action may be limited to minor sanctions like exclusion from on-campus events and temporary suspensions. In severe cases, though, a school’s disciplinary entity may expel a student permanently, potentially preventing them from completing their education.

If you or your child are facing collegiate disciplinary proceedings that may end with expulsion, you should seek help from an experienced attorney at Berry Law. Once retained, an Omaha school expulsion lawyer can help you understand the central issues at play and work tirelessly to achieve a positive outcome on your behalf.

What to Expect from the Expulsion Process in Omaha

If a college or university suspects academic misconduct or some other conduct violation by a student, a conduct hearing will be scheduled to address the faculty’s concerns. This hearing would proceed separately from any criminal proceedings related to the offense in question. Furthermore, the outcome of one case should have no bearing on the outcome of the other.

Prior to this hearing, the student will be notified of their alleged conduct violation and informed of the possible consequences that the school’s disciplinary board may impose. The student will also be given a date and time for their hearing, during which they may present evidence and arguments in their own defense.

Despite the similarities, this hearing is not a criminal trial. Students facing disciplinary action from their schools do not have the same rights as defendants facing prosecution in criminal court. For this reason, it is often crucial for students to seek help from an Omaha school expulsion attorney when preparing for a conduct hearing.

What Can Legal Counsel Do to Help a Student Facing Expulsion in Omaha?

One of the most important services a legal professional can provide to a student facing expulsion from school is rhetorical preparation for their hearing. Practicing what they will say in their defense and how they will say it can be just as important as the substance of their counterargument.

Additionally, a skilled school expulsion lawyer in Omaha can help a student determine what evidence may be admissible in his or her case and work with him or her to locate and preserve that evidence. Depending on the circumstances, electronic materials, records of communications, and testimony from witnesses could be relevant to a student’s defense. In some cases, it may also be important to ensure certain evidence is not included in a hearing.

Finally, it can be crucial to have an attorney with experience in school expulsion hearings work on behalf of a student accused of a conduct violation. Expulsion is an extremely severe punishment that would have permanent consequences on a student’s education and future prospects.

Learn More from an Omaha School Expulsion Attorney

Being expelled from school could have devastating consequences on your personal and professional future. If you are expelled from a college or university, you may be unable to enroll in other schools depending on the nature of the offense for which you were expelled.

You should not take any risks when it comes to defending your future during school disciplinary proceedings. Call an Omaha school expulsion lawyer today to talk about the best course of action for your case.

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