Bribery charges can lead to sever penalties upon conviction. A conviction for bribery could mean years in prison, high fines, and other substantial penalties. If you were accused of bribery, it is important to understand the laws surrounding your charges and what your legal options are.

An Omaha bribery lawyer can review the prosecution’s case against you and discuss defense options to refute their allegations. Do not wait to talk with a local defense attorney if you are facing bribery charges.

Overview of Bribery Charges in Omaha

Nebraska Revised Statutes §28-917 makes it illegal to propose, provide, or consent to provide something of value to a peace officer (i.e. police, sheriff, etc.) or public servant for the purpose of causing that party to enter a certain vote, make a specific decision, or otherwise breach their official duties. Likewise, a public official can be charged with bribery if they procure, receive, or consent to receive something of value in exchange for breaching the obligations of their office.

Additionally, an individual can be charged with bribing a witness under Neb. Rev. Stat. §28-918 if they propose, provide, or consent to provide something of value to a witness or someone they believe will be chosen as a witness to keep them from testifying or to coerce them to put forth untrue testimony. Similarly, a witness can be charged for accepting a bribe if they receive or consent to receive something of value from another person in exchange for entering a false or deceptive testimony.

Furthermore, Neb. Rev. Stat §28-613 prohibits the act of commercial bribery, which is characterized by procuring, receiving, or consenting to receive something of value in exchange for breaching or consenting to breach a legal obligation. For example, parties who have strict legal obligations include legal guardians, attorneys, doctors, and partners in a company.

Sentencing Guidelines for a Local Bribery Offense

The sentencing structure for bribery charges in our area depends on the type of offense someone has been charged with. Both bribery and bribery of a witness are charged as Class IV felonies in the state of Nebraska. Commercial bribery, on the other hand, is a Class I misdemeanor.

While the penalties for each of these bribery charges vary, the impact of a criminal conviction can be long lasting. A conviction for bribery can affect your ability to obtain certain types of jobs, find housing, or gain acceptance into certain educational programs. As such, if you are facing any type of bribery charge, you should talk with an experienced Omaha attorney to determine the next steps for your case.

Contact an Omaha Bribery Attorney about Building Your Defense

If you were charged with bribery, you may be feeling uncertain about your future. An Omaha bribery lawyer at our firm can work hard to protect your future and advocate for the best possible outcome in your case. To discuss your charges and defense approaches with a seasoned attorney, contact Berry Law today and book your confidential consultation.

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