In Omaha, you can face harsh penalties for conspiring to commit a crime, even if you never carried out the alleged offense. If you have been arrested for conspiring to engage in criminal activity, you should contact an Omaha conspiracy lawyer as soon as possible.

A criminal defense attorney can investigate the events leading up to your arrest to identify the most effective defense strategies for your case. With the help of Berry Law, you may be able to get your charges reduced or even secure a full dismissal.

The Legal Definition of Conspiracy

Nebraska Revised Statutes §28-202 defines conspiracy as intentionally and knowingly scheming with one or more individuals to commit a felony, procure someone else to commit a felony, or taking measures to achieve the intended outcome of a felony offense. Secondly, either the accused or the person they were scheming with must have taken action to further the conspiracy. For example, if the alleged crime is a conspiracy to commit murder, buying a firearm could be considered conspiracy to execute the intended crime.

The statute also states that if the accused knew that their co-conspirator plotted with one or more individuals to carry out the offense in question, he or she can be convicted of conspiracy even if they did not personally know all the parties involved. When someone conspires to carry out multiple, related criminal offenses, they will generally face a single count of conspiracy.

If the person carries out the offense, he or she will face separate charges for both conspiring to commit the crime and for actually committing the crime. A lawyer in Omaha can defend against a conspiracy charge as well as any underlying offense.

Conspiracy Charges and Penalties

Conspiracy charges can involve an array of criminal offenses, such as drug crimes or sex trafficking. The penalties for conspiring to commit a crime are typically the same as the penalties for that particular crime. However, if the intended crime is classified as a Class I felony, the conspiracy offense will be charged as a Class II felony.

Felony charges in Omaha fall into 10 separate classes, each with distinct penalties. Class IV felonies carry the least severe penalties, and Class I felonies carry the most severe. For conspiracy to commit a Class IV felony, such as forgery, the offender may be imprisoned for up to 2 years and ordered to pay a $10,000 fine. On the other hand, conspiring to commit a Class I felony (i.e., murder or arson), carries a maximum jail term of 50 years.

Even if the alleged offense is never carried out, a conviction for conspiracy could lead to jail time, high fines, and a permanent criminal record. Conspiracy charges require a vigilant and thorough defense. A qualified Omaha attorney can build a compelling defense on your behalf and work to avoid a conviction.

Talk with an Omaha Conspiracy Attorney

To effectively fight your charges, you need zealous legal representation from day one. An Omaha conspiracy lawyer with a broad range of experience defending individuals against criminal charges can increase your chances of achieving a favorable outcome. Call Berry Law now to discuss your case with an experienced Omaha lawyer.

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