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Stephanie Costello
Stephanie Costello

Stephanie Costello

Berry Law Firm Attorney since 2020

Wife, Mother, Book-Lover, Dog-Lover, Attorney at Berry Law Firm.

Stephanie Costello is a stalwart defender of Veterans’ rights. A strong believer that kindness and practicing law go hand-in-hand, Stephanie provides Veterans with the legal firepower they need to get the VA disability compensation to which they’re entitled. An outstanding orator who’s known for commanding the courtroom, Stephanie brings compassion and justice back into the lives of Veterans who have been wrongfully denied disability benefits by the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

As a woman who knows the importance of strong relationships, Stephanie treats her veteran clients like her own family, ensuring they’re heard, seen, cared for, and justly defended. Although Stephanie hasn’t served overseas herself, she sees her work as an attorney as another way to fight for our great country, protecting the mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters who have put their lives on the line to protect us at home. 

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Stephanie with Colorado Buffalo mascot, Ralphie. As a firm based in Nebraska, Stephanie catches a lot of slack for her support of the rival buffaloes.

Giving at Home and Beyond

Stephanie is a woman of many accomplishments, but she sees her greatest accomplishment to be starting and raising a family with her husband, Rocky. Stephanie is the proud mother of one handsome boy, one beautiful girl, and two energetic “cuddle-pups” she rescued. She loves working as a team with her husband to take care of her boisterous bundles of energy, whether they have two legs or four! 

As someone who believes that people must take action to further good in the world, Stephanie is an advocate for charity and frequently donates to local nonprofits like Big Red Rescue and Partnership 4 Kids. She believes in being the change in the world, following the motto: “Anger is a waste of energy, and meanness is the worst sin.” For the Veterans who’ve suffered from the world’s anger, she’s determined to show them the care they deserve to see as heroes. Stephanie’s clients can be assured that they will always have a strong defender at their side, fighting for the rights they’ve earned as Veterans—and heroes. 

Stephanie with her husband, Rocky, in Wengen, Switzerland

Work Hard, Play Harder—Together

While Stephanie is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom, she doesn’t believe in taking herself too seriously. Working hard for her clients also means saving some time to play hard, too. She’s a big lover of books, and enjoys playing video games and board games with her friends and family. She’s also a fan of sports and can often be found watching them on any given evening! Much like her work, Stephanie sees games as challenges to overcome as a team. For her, life is about enjoying the people around you and finding ways to make the world brighter and happier. Stephanie wants to bring that brightness back into the lives of disabled Veterans, which is why she works so tirelessly for them. Through compassion, a joyful spirit, and some real backbone, Stephanie fights for Veterans who needs help battling the VA.


  • Veterans’ Disability Benefits
  • Nebraska
  • Iowa
  • Federal District of Nebraska
  • Federal District of Iowa
  • University of South Florida: B.A., English / Creative Writing, 2013
  • Creighton University School of Law: J.D., 2017
  • George W. & Susan J. Venteicher Law Scholarship


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