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Berry Law is on a mission to protect the constitutional rights of Americans and is always looking for top talent to join our rapidly growing team. Candidates in Lincoln and Omaha will be judged on how well they match both the requirements of open positions and the culture of the firm (learn about our core values) . While we actively recruit Veterans, we welcome applicants from all backgrounds who want to bring their competitiveness and relentless drive to succeed to a high-tempo legal team.

About Our Law Firm

The skilled attorneys at Berry Law have collectively practiced for over 240 years, and this longevity has allowed us to gain clients in all 50 states. Although we originally focused on criminal defense work, we have expanded our services to include personal injury and military law. Every day we are driven by our core commitment to serve our nation’s service members, with our Veterans Disability practice representing clients across the country.

Seeking Applicants in Omaha and Lincoln

We are seeking out candidates with marketing finance, legal experience, and military experience who demonstrate ethos and dedication to defending the constitutional rights of others. If you are looking to get into the legal field in Nebraska, Berry Law has offices in Lincoln, Omaha, and 12 other counties throughout the state. Our team also handles federal cases nationwide.

Legal Careers for Veterans

At Berry Law, we believe that our service members should be protected both on the battlefield and in the courtroom. We actively recruit Veterans and Reservists from each of the branches of the Department of Defense.

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Our firm is built upon competition and dedication, with the community being an integral part of our core values. If you are looking to make a difference and build upon your knowledge of criminal defense, personal injury, and military law, the Berry Law team is right for you.

Skills We Look For:

Motivation, Drive, Enthusiasm, Leadership

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