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Your Future is Worth Protecting

When you’re arrested for a serious crime in Lincoln, Omaha, or any other part of Nebraska, you may be in the most important battle of your life. The fight to:

  • Protect your freedom
  • Protect your career
  • Protect your family

Requires an all-in approach.

When you’re seriously injured you may be fighting against insurance companies with seemingly unlimited resources. Your battle is not just to regain what you’ve lost, but to obtain justice for your family. Our team of innovative and knowledgeable criminal defense and injury attorneys in Lincoln know what is at stake and the dedication it takes to help you win.

  • We spend our professional careers sharpening our skills to zealously advocate for our clients
  • We are trial lawyers committed to fighting along side you in the most important battles of their lives

At Berry Law Firm,  our clients look to us for counsel, direction, and guidance when the justice system seems overbearing and overwhelming.

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    Recent Case Results
    Domestic Abuse Protection Order

    Client was facing termination from his job, loss of 2nd Amendment Rights, and removal from his home due to a domestic abuse protection order.  Berry Law attorney Seth Morris successfully argued that there was conflicting testimony, no independent evidence, no witnesses, and a history of untruthfulness by the Petitioner causing the judge to dismiss the case. Gun rights reinstated, client not removed from his home, and will not be terminated from his employment.

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    Approximately $1.0 Million Total Recovered

    Client was involved in a motorcycle crash with underinsured driver who violated a stop sign. Although the other driver violated a stop sign, the manner in which the client was driving caused serious concerns about the Client’s culpability for the accident. The client, who was a truck driver before the crash, sustained serious injuries. The client was awarded social security disability due to his injuries in the crash. We negotiated a resolution with Nebraska Medicaid so the client could keep the proceeds of his settlement in a trust, and not jeopardize his Medicaid eligibility. Approximately $1.0 Million Total Recovered

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    Nebraska State Tort Claims Act Appeal
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    Defending the Rights of the Accused in Lincoln and Omaha

    When the justice system stacks the odds against you, our nationally recognized criminal defense attorneys utilize a powerful weapon to protect you: The United States Constitution. When you are fighting for your freedom, you need a lawyer who can fight alongside you. A determined Lincoln criminal defense attorney can defend your rights and fight for your freedom. This means scrutinizing the prosecution’s case to determine whether they violated any of your Constitutional rights.

    Helping the Injured

    If you have been injured due to another person’s negligence, you should not have to bear the responsibility of medical bills or financial losses that could be covered by insurance or the responsible party. Berry Law Firm’s dedicated attorneys fight for the injured to help you regain your quality of life and be compensated fairly. A dedicated injury lawyer can fight tirelessly to help you receive the compensation you are entitled to. Berry Law’s injury attorneys are experienced in representing victims of car accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, catastrophic injuries, and other claims.

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