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An unexpected accident or criminal accusation can disrupt every aspect of your life. Severe injuries could impact your ability to earn a living. Likewise, a criminal conviction can lead to jail time, fines, and the loss of social and professional opportunities.

To succeed in civil or criminal proceedings, you need a determined attorney who understands the laws governing your case. Reach out to our Omaha criminal and personal injury lawyers at Berry Law to learn how we can help you fight for your legal rights.

What Types of Criminal Cases Do Our Defense Lawyers Handle?

Criminal offenses in our area are separated into two categories—misdemeanor and felony. Less severe crimes are charged as misdemeanor offenses. Common examples of misdemeanor crimes include driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, simple assault, and minor theft. These cases are typically heard in Nebraska’s county courts and carry a maximum penalty of one year in jail and/or a fine.

More serious criminal offenses may be charged as felonies. Common examples include homicide and rape. However, aggravated versions of misdemeanor offenses such as assault and theft are considered felonies as well. For example, assault that results in serious bodily injury and theft of property in excess of $500 are considered felonies.

The state’s district courts have jurisdiction to hear all felony cases. No matter the severity of the charge you are facing, an experienced criminal defense attorney from Berry Law can help.

Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Most personal injury claims stem from acts of negligence. A person is legally negligent if they owe you a duty of care, breach that duty, and cause you harm. Most of the injury cases that our lawyers receive result from situations such as:

If you and your lawyer can prove the other party is at fault, the court can hold him or her civilly liable for your injuries and losses.

Car accidents
Car Accidents
Slip and Fall Accidents
Truck Accidents
Catastrophic Injury
Construction accidents
Construction Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Brain Injury
Wrongful Death
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    Title IX Investigation

    Client accused of violating a University Code of Conduct through multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. The client faced serious sanctions that could have irreparable harm on the client’s future. During a lengthy investigation, Berry Law Firm helped compile responsive documents, drafted responses for the client, and attended multiple meetings. Following the investigation, none of the allegations were substantiated.

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    Approximately $1.0 Million Total Recovered

    Client was involved in a motorcycle crash with underinsured driver who violated a stop sign. Although the other driver violated a stop sign, the manner in which the client was driving caused serious concerns about the Client’s culpability for the accident. The client, who was a truck driver before the crash, sustained serious injuries. The client was awarded social security disability due to his injuries in the crash. We negotiated a resolution with Nebraska Medicaid so the client could keep the proceeds of his settlement in a trust, and not jeopardize his Medicaid eligibility. Approximately $1.0 Million Total Recovered

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    Nebraska State Tort Claims Act Appeal
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    Defending Against Criminal Charges in Omaha

    There are numerous defenses that a skilled attorney can employ to refute your criminal charges. The appropriate defense in your case will depend on the type of offense and the circumstances surrounding the alleged incident. For example, if there were errors during the prosecution’s investigation or a Miranda rights violation during your arrest, a lawyer can bring these issues to light to bolster your defense.

    Furthermore, any evidence that law enforcement found while violating your rights may be suppressed in court. For example, if law enforcement did not have probable cause or consent to search your vehicle, any evidence they find in a search could be suppressed.

    The attorneys at Berry Law understand what law enforcement can legally do during an investigation, traffic stop, and questioning. If our legal team finds that a violation of your rights led to your arrest, we can work to get the related evidence suppressed.

    Potential Compensation in an Accident Case

    The central component of any personal injury lawsuit is physical harm. Even in seemingly minor accidents, the at-fault party could be held liable for all medical costs associated with your injury. However, you should not stop at seeking compensation for medical bills.

    A personal injury claim should take the full impact of the incident into account. For instance, you may lose significant earnings from missed time at work. You may also endure severe pain and loss of enjoyment of life. An injury lawyer in Omaha can work with you to determine your full losses and demand compensation.

    Get in Touch with Our Omaha Criminal and Personal Injury Attorneys

    The attorneys at Berry Law have years of experience practicing in several areas of law. Whether you are facing severe injuries after an accident or potential criminal charges, our legal team can help. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation with an Omaha criminal and personal injury lawyer.

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