Criminal Defense is about results. Identifying client goals and working to get the best possible results is what criminal defense attorneys do. Results are specific to the facts of the case and the law.

  • Drug Possession Charges

    Case Dismissed Prior to Trial

    Berry Law’s client was pulled over for “following too closely” in Lancaster County, Nebraska. A search of the vehicle produced 240 lbs of marijuana and 30 lbs of THC gummies, and the client was facing potential jail time. Berry Law attorney Mike Wilson filed a Motion to Suppress the evidence and hired a forensic video analyst who reviewed videos of the stop and concluded that the client was not following as close as the officer claimed. Prior to the hearing, the case was dismissed!

  • Felony Theft Case

    Motion to Dismiss

    Berry Law represented a client wrongfully accused of felony theft in Iowa. After demanding depositions to exercise the clients Constitutional right to confront the accusers, the prosecution was unable to secure any material witnesses. As a result of exercising his constitutional right to confront the accusers and proceed to trial, the prosecution filed a Motion to Dismiss all charges thereby relieving the client of a possible 5 year prison term.

  • First Degree Sexual Assault

    Reduced to Misdemeanor with No Sex Offender Registration

    Client charged with first-degree sex assault involving multiple Accusers in Johnson County, Nebraska. Client was facing a felony conviction, up to 50 years in prison and lifetime sex offender registry

    Defense attorneys from Berry Law prevailed at a motions hearing preventing the state from using multiple accusers’ testimonies under Nebraska Revised Statute 27-414. Client received a plea deal, Reducing the case to a misdemeanor and a $1000 fine with no sex offender registration.

  • Title IX Investigation

    None of the Allegations Substantiated

    Client accused of violating a University Code of Conduct through multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. The client faced serious sanctions that could have irreparable harm on the client’s future. During a lengthy investigation, Berry Law helped compile responsive documents, drafted responses for the client, and attended multiple meetings. Following the investigation, none of the allegations were substantiated.

  • Title IX Sexual Assault Allegations


    Client brought to administrative hearing facing expulsion for alleged sexual assault and stalking. Berry Law challenged the claims and evidence, resulting in a reduction to minor charges. Disciplinary action reduced to probation.

  • First Degree Sexual Assault – Not Guilty

    Not Guilty

    Client charged with first degree sexual assault, a Class II Felony. The possible term of incarceration was up to 50 years. After deliberating for two days, the jury returned with a verdict of “not guilty” on the first degree sexual assault charge. Not Guilty.

  • Domestic Abuse Protection Order

    Ex Parte Protection Order Dismissed

    Client was facing termination from his job, loss of 2nd Amendment Rights, and removal from his home due to a domestic abuse protection order.  Berry Law attorney Seth Morris successfully argued that there was conflicting testimony, no independent evidence, no witnesses, and a history of untruthfulness by the Petitioner causing the judge to dismiss the case. Gun rights reinstated, client not removed from his home, and will not be terminated from his employment.

  • First Degree False Imprisonment

    Felony Count Dismissed

    Client charged with First Degree False Imprisonment, a Class IIIA felony punishable by up to 3 years imprisonment. Oftentimes, attorneys waive preliminary hearings. However, Berry Law attorney Michael Wilson successfully argued that the client’s alleged conduct did not constitute the “restraint” required by the false imprisonment statute, resulting in the judge dismissing the case at the preliminary hearing. Felony Count Dismissed.

  • 3rd Degree Domestic Assault

    Case Dismissed

    Client charged with 3rd Degree Domestic Assault in Lancaster County, NE. Berry Law defense attorney Bill Kurtenbach pushed the case to trial, and the case was ultimately dismissed at the State’s cost. This allowed the client to retain their Second Amendment Rights, which can be endangered in domestic assault cases. Case Dismissed.

  • Use of Weapon During Commission of a Felony

    Favorable Plea Agreement

    Client in Cheyenne County, NE, facing a Class II felony for use of a weapon during the commission of a felony and a Class IV felony for not having a drug tax stamp. Berry Law attorney David Tarrell successfully negotiated a plea bargain in which the client pled to 3 misdemeanor charges, resulting in a sentence of only fines/restitution.

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