False accusations can occur in domestic violence cases for several reasons. For instance, someone might fabricate an allegation if they are angry or embarrassed after a relationship ends. They may be using a domestic violence accusation as blackmail or extortion. Attorneys also encounter these cases when people are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Even if they are unfounded, these claims can lead to high-profile arrests. Sometimes, individuals who claim to be a victim in a domestic assault have financial motivations, particularly in relationships with a noteworthy person. To maintain innocence against false accusations in Omaha domestic violence cases, it is best to retain strong legal representation as soon as possible. Hiring a dedicated defense attorney at Berry Law may be key to protecting your freedom and reputation.

How Can I Protect Myself from Accusations of Domestic Abuse?

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof tactic for a person to fully protect themselves against false allegations. However, it may be advised to avoid relationships with individuals who seem unstable, untrustworthy, or manipulative. Being careful about who you surround yourself with can help prevent fake allegations of domestic abuse.

Consequences of Domestic Violence Allegations

It is extremely important to combat any false domestic violence allegation with a rigorous defense. Depending on the alleged crime, an accusation could result in felony charges and severe criminal consequences. If convicted, you could be sentenced to many years in jail.

You could also face other penalties if convicted of domestic abuse, such as eviction from your home, losing custody of your children, and prohibition from owning a firearm. Additionally, your employment opportunities and voting rights may be jeopardized by a felony conviction. There is also a social stigma that often accompanies a domestic abuse conviction. Because a conviction can impact so many facets of your life, it is important to work with a diligent attorney at Berry Law when preparing your defense.

Evidence against False Domestic Violence Accusations

The experienced Omaha lawyers at Berry Law often use physical evidence to protect someone against false accusations of domestic violence. This may include photographs of bumps, bruises, and other aspects of someone’s physical appearance.

Intangible evidence such as cellphone records, contacts, and statements from those who know the defendant can also be useful in building an effective defense against false domestic abuse charges. Even security camera footage and social media posts can provide persuasive evidence of a defendant’s innocence.

Enlist an Omaha Attorney to Combat False Accusations in Domestic Violence Cases

Allegations of domestic violence are serious, so let a team of dedicated legal advocates fight the accusations made against you. If you are falsely accused of committing a crime, do not let your anger or indignation prevent you from seeking professional legal guidance. An unfounded allegation could still damage your reputation, relationships, and, at worst, could lead to a felony conviction with lengthy jail time.

All it takes is one untrustworthy individual for your life to be turned upside down. However, a proactive defense attorney can provide key support throughout this ordeal and work to mitigate the consequences of false accusations in Omaha domestic violence cases. Call Berry Law today to learn how we can help protect you and your interests.

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