Spousal abuse is considered a form of domestic violence, meaning it carries the same harsh punishments. Aside from jail time and a negative impact to a person’s reputation, it may also result in a protective order and an inability to own guns. All of these repercussions can have a severe negative impact on the life of the accused.

Therefore, it is important that anyone accused of spousal abuse reach out to an Omaha spousal abuse lawyer. A diligent domestic violence lawyer can help protect your rights from the start. While they advocate on your behalf they can thoroughly investigate the evidence surrounding your charges to build a strong defense. With the help of the team at Berry Law, you may be able to reach a more positive outcome.

What is Spousal Abuse?

Spousal abuse is a subset of domestic violence. It is domestic violence that occurs within a marriage. There are other kinds of domestic violence including intimate relationships, same-sex partner relationships, and dating relationships.

Because spousal abuse is considered a type of domestic violence, the penalties are the same. A well-versed Omaha spousal abuse lawyer can further explain the specific charges and help build a defense against them.

What to Expect When Facing Charges in Omaha

When someone is accused of spousal abuse in Omaha, they may be arrested. The bond for spousal abuse is also usually higher than it is for other charges. The individual will then be prosecuted by a specific branch of the county attorney’s offices.

A person accused of spousal abuse could be put in jail, fined, and may lose their right to own firearms as well as other civil rights. Under federal law, a domestic violence conviction could affect a person’s present and future employment. A person could also be placed on probation and ordered to attend classes. Some of these classes are difficult to complete and are costly. Regardless of the potential penalties, it is wise to talk to an experienced lawyer who knows the in-court penalties and the potential out-of-court collateral consequences of a domestic violence conviction.

Sometimes a lawyer can minimize the damage. However, regardless, an attorney can work to protect the rights of the accused and fight the allegations against them.

Why should a person accused with spousal abuse consult with an Omaha spousal abuse lawyer?

A person accused of spousal abuse should consult with an Omaha spouse abuse attorney who can explain their rights to them. An attorney can also examine all the facts and evidence in the case to prepare and provide legal representation. They can develop a strategy specific to the case that addresses the specific issues, events, and circumstances.

An Omaha spousal abuse lawyer also knows the members of the local legal system such as the prosecutors, judges, and court officers. They can use that to their advantage as they conduct their own investigation, engage in negotiations or settlements, and prepare for trial. To learn more about how an attorney can help, call Berry Law today for a confidential case evaluation.

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