Being arrested for any sort of crime can be frightening and intimidating. When the charges are drug-related, a person may be even more uncertain as to how to handle the situation. The consequences of Omaha drug arrests can be serious, so it is important to immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer if you have been charged with a crime.

Obtaining legal representation following any type of drug arrests can be essential to minimizing or avoiding the impact of a drug conviction on your life. With the help of a diligent drug attorney from Berry Law, you may be able to secure a more positive outcome.

What Happens at Traffic Stops

As the police attempt to enforce state drug laws, they routinely stop both in-state and out-of-state drivers for minor traffic violations, hoping to find drugs. In some cases, these tactics are questionable and may even be illegal. If the police make an illegal traffic stop and find drugs, then a court may find any resulting drug charges inadmissible. An attorney can examine the circumstances surrounding the stop to determine the legality of any charges.

Following a Drug Arrest

When police officers arrest an individual on drug charges, they likely will handcuff him or her, put him or her in the back of a police car, and transport him or her to the local jail. For more minor charges, individuals likely will receive a date and time to appear in court and be released. This type of release is referred to as being released on a person’s own recognizance, which means that he or she signs a document agreeing to show up for future court dates.

Bail often is in a pre-set amount for specific misdemeanors and felonies, which individuals can pay right away to be released from jail. For more serious charges, a person will have an arraignment in front of a judge within 48 hours of the arrest. At the arraignment hearing, the judge will explain the charges against the person and advise him or her of certain rights. The judge also will set a bond amount, which is the amount of money that someone must pay to be released from jail. The accused also will enter an initial plea to the charges against him or her.

The amount of bond depends on the severity of the crime, the person’s criminal history, and the opinion of the court as to whether the accused will show up in court in the future. While out on bond following Omaha drug arrests, individuals may have to comply with certain conditions that the court sets, such as:

  • Complying with a pre-trial release program, which can include periodic reporting and random drug or alcohol testing, among other conditions
  • Limiting movements to a specified geographical area
  • Remaining in the custody of a person or organization

After drug arrests in Omaha and the posting of bail, an individual will have to appear in court on a regular basis for hearings and conferences in his or her criminal case. Defense attorneys and prosecutors will begin the discovery process and begin to negotiate in an attempt to reach a resolution of the charges.

Get Legal Advice Following Drug Arrests in Omaha

Aside from substantial terms of incarceration and high fines, Omaha drug arrests also can have negative collateral consequences. A felony drug conviction can lead to the forfeiture of certain civil rights, the loss of employment, and the inability to procure certain professional licenses. As a result, taking the steps necessary to circumvent these consequences can be essential to your future.

Getting legal representation as quickly as possible following your drug arrest can ensure that you completely understand the charges against you and the complete range of options for resolving them. To schedule a consultation and discuss your case, call Berry Law today.

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