A conspiracy offense is when two or more people plan to commit an unlawful act. Drug conspiracy charges are severe and can add years and years onto someone’s sentence. Depending on the amount of drugs involved, the individual’s record, and the type of substance, a person convicted of drug conspiracy could spend the rest of their life in prison.

If you have been suspected of conspiring to distribute controlled substances, you should call an experienced drug attorney to explore your legal options. Local courts come down heavy on drug charges, so let an Omaha drug conspiracy lawyer help you defend your rights in court.

Drug Conspiracy Investigations

In drug conspiracy investigations, prosecutors could look at how many people are involved, what their roles are in the enterprise, and with whom they are communicating. Prosecutors will try to determine how many people were involved in the operation.

Omaha prosecutors need to prove, either by direct or circumstantial evidence, that there was an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime. To do this, prosecutors could examine the actions of the individuals as well as any text messages or emails that show a collaborative intent to distribute narcotics.

Investigative Tools

Investigators can use several tools and techniques to explore drug conspiracy charges, one of which is wiretaps. They could orchestrate controlled buys where an informant is wearing a wire and making a controlled purchase. Prosecutors could also offer immunity to people charged with other crimes if they assist in ongoing investigations. For example, they can correspond with people in the community who are known drug users and offer to drop those charges if they help law enforcement with controlled buys as well as provide information. Investigators could also tap someone’s cellphone and monitor how money he/she is moving around.

Prosecutors will look at all the information that they can get their hands on. For example, a police officer who witnesses several drug deals between people in a car they are following could recall such a situation as evidence of intent in drug conspiracy cases, at which point they assume both people are involved in the distribution of controlled substances.

Meeting with a Lawyer

A person facing drug conspiracy charges should provide his/her attorney with as much information as he/she is aware of that could be incriminating, as this gives the lawyer an advantage in preparing a defense. If someone simply denies everything and refuses to be forthcoming with his/her legal counsel, it could put he/she at a disadvantage and set back his/her ability to represent his/her. After assessing the facts of the case, a drug conspiracy lawyer in Omaha could begin preparing a strong defense.

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