The potential punishments for federal drug offenses tend to be much more severe than those for state charges. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines typically prescribe far lengthier prison terms than state statutes do. So, it could be important to work with a federal drug lawyer if you are facing any federal drug charge as a conviction could completely derail your future.

An aggressive criminal defense lawyer can help you evaluate the evidence in your case and identify any potential defense strategies. With the help of the determined drug attorneys at Berry Law, you can work toward developing the defenses that may be most effective in helping you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Common Federal Drug Offenses

Federal drug charges are often the result of multi-state operations where large amounts of controlled substances are involved. Federal prosecutors are also known to pursue charges against individuals allegedly involved in drug trafficking schemes. Other common federal drug offenses are possession, possession with the intent to distribute, and manufacturing.

The outcome of a federal drug investigation, charges, and conviction can be far more severe than the outcome of a state drug offense. Imprisonment is typically mandatory in federal drug cases and the terms of incarceration can be much longer.

Possession of Drugs

Possession of drugs is probably the most common type of federal drug offense. If you are in possession of large amounts of drugs, then the charge can become possession with intent to distribute, which carries harsher penalties. An Omaha federal drug attorney can explain the full range of potential penalties and the options for handling the defense of a federal drug case.

Manufacturing Drugs

Individuals who are charged with manufacturing or cultivating a controlled substance will face more severe penalties than those charged with drug possession. Manufacturing controlled substances often refer to methamphetamine, which is produced synthetically by mixing various substances; cultivation commonly refers to growing marijuana in large amounts. These offenses can result in mandatory minimum prison sentences that are determined by the quantity of the drugs involved.

Distributing and Trafficking Drugs

Distributing and trafficking drugs occurs when someone allegedly sells, delivers, or provides controlled substances illegally. This can become a federal offense due to the amount of the drugs involved or the fact that the trafficking crosses state lines.

Whatever the case may be, federal law also provides for mandatory minimum prison sentences in many drug trafficking cases, which may be lengthy, as well as harsher penalties for a second or subsequent conviction.

Repercussions of Federal Convictions in Omaha

Aside from mandatory minimum sentences and hefty fines, federal drug convictions can have long-lasting consequences, both on a professional and personal level. A federal drug conviction can make individuals ineligible for federal student aid and certain public benefits, eliminate their right to possess firearms, and affect their ability to pursue specific careers. Professional licensure in some industries may become impossible, and it may be difficult to find employment after a drug conviction.

Another common result of a federal drug conviction is forfeiture. If someone has a federal drug conviction that results in a sentence of one year or more, he or she may have any personal or real property related to the offense in any way forfeited to the federal government. This can include homes, vehicles, cash, guns, and other personal belongings being seized at the time of arrest.

Let an Omaha Federal Drug Attorney Help

Federal charges are significantly more serious than state charges, in that the potential fines are often higher and prison sentences are often lengthier.

If you are convicted of a drug offense, you may find it difficult to work in certain occupations, you may be ineligible for some government benefits, and you may be subject to civil forfeiture of property. Due to the possible severity of a federal drug conviction, working with an Omaha federal drug lawyer is critical.

A persistent lawyer can help you fight the charges you are facing and work to protect your future. Call Berry Law today to schedule a confidential consultation.

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