Interstate 29 stretches from Kansas City all the way north to the Canadian border. The interstate goes through South Dakota and is right along the Nebraska-Iowa border. Due to the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in South Dakota, it should come as no surprise that state and federal law enforcement aggressively patrol this section of the highway in an effort to find out of state driver’s transporting drugs.

If the police arrested you on the roadway, an experienced drug crimes attorney can help. An Omaha Interstate 29 drug stop lawyer can advise you on your charges and help you build a good defense strategy.

Using the Interstate to Bring Drugs Across State Lines

State prosecutors handle most drug charges, but the federal government could step in when individuals transport controlled substances across state lines. The consequences of a federal drug conviction have the potential to be severe. For this reason, it is crucial to work with a skilled attorney if you are facing drug charges.

Transporting Marijuana

Many states are beginning to loosen their regulations regarding medicinal or recreational marijuana. That said, the penalties for marijuana possession or distribution in Nebraska and Iowa are as tough as ever. Because of the variance among state laws, many motorists attempt to bring legally-purchased marijuana across state lines.

Even if you legally purchased marijuana in a nearby state, you can face criminal charges. If the police found you with any drug in your possession, you will likely face criminal charges. A lawyer familiar with I-29 drug stops can advise you on what to do next.

Unlawful Police Stops and Searches in Omaha

State and local police that patrol Interstate 29 throughout Iowa are continually searching for prospective drug arrests. Occasionally, their zeal can push them to violate the law to make an arrest. The police often rely on their instincts when assuming a particular motorist is involved in the drug trade. Despite not having evidence to support that suspicion, a law enforcement officer might make an excuse to pull a driver over.

Any illegal activity by a motorist on Interstate 29 is enough to justify a traffic stop, such as speeding, even if the officer used it as a pretext. However, stopping a driver without a valid reason could exclude any evidence obtained at the stop.

For example, Berry Law has represented many individuals who have been pulled over for following too closely. However, after looking at the footage of the drug stop, we were able to prove they were not following too closely. Therefore, we were able to get the charges dismissed based on an illegal traffic stop.

Many drug stop arrests also involve a search of the vehicle. Ultimately, any drugs found in the car at the time of the stop would be strong evidence against the defendant. However, the police may not search a vehicle whenever they want.

Law enforcement officers can request consent to search from the driver or obtain a search warrant. Without meeting these elements or establishing probable cause that there is evidence of a crime, searching a vehicle without consent is illegal. A local attorney can evaluate your situation and hold the police responsible following an illegal Interstate 29 drug stop.

Talk to an Omaha Interstate 29 Drug Stop Attorney Today

If you are facing criminal charges related to drug possession on Interstate 29, it is crucial that you understand the severity of a criminal conviction. An aggressive defense lawyer could look at all the details of the drug stop, including the traffic stop, the search, and the arrest.

If you can prove the police acted illegally, you may have a valid defense. Schedule a confidential consultation with an Omaha Interstate 29 drug stop lawyer today to learn more.

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