Drug trafficking offenses involve the possession of large amounts of controlled substances with the intent to sell. Being accused of having involvement with drug trafficking operations can be extremely damaging to your reputation and can lead to years in prison. Prosecutors take drug trafficking charges seriously, which is why you should contact an experienced drug attorney to help you defend your rights.

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Endangering the Public

Prosecutors will pursue trafficking charges more vigorously than drug possession charges. This is due to the fact that drug trafficking is considered to be endangering the public. Another factor in drug trafficking charges is what kind of drug is being distributed. For instance, a person caught trafficking heroin or cocaine will face higher penalties than someone trafficking marijuana. Therefore, it is critical for people facing charges to seek the services of a drug trafficking lawyer in Omaha.

Jurisdictional Borders Impact on Charges

Jurisdictional borders in a drug trafficking charge can affect someone who crosses state lines and can lead to a federal offense, which can result in even harsher penalties. Someone involved at the lowest level of a drug trafficking operation could face severe impacts on the rest of his/her life, such as 20 years to life in prison.

Law Enforcement is Cracking Down on Drug Trafficking

Omaha law enforcement is trying to crack down on drug trafficking by monitoring the interstate extremely close. Officers could also look for any reason to pull a driver over, such as an out of state license plate. They are being very aggressive in how they get probable cause or consent to search a vehicle. Therefore, it is critical for indiviudals to understand their constitutional rights. For more information, reach out to a dedicated Omaha drug trafficking attorney.

Multiple Defendants in Omaha Drug Trafficking Cases

Omaha drug trafficking cases frequently involve multiple defendants. If there is evidence of numerous people in a vehicle where large amounts of drugs are found, prosecutors could move forward with charging multiple defendants arising out of the same factual circumstances.

The inclusion of multiple defendants makes drug trafficking charges more difficult to defend because people could start pointing fingers and providing incriminating evidence about their co-conspirators in an effort to save themselves. If law enforcement is able to get one person to roll over and provide information, the individual could face harsher penalties because the state or federal agency that is prosecuting could get more information to use against him/her.

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