It is important to take an Omaha DUI court date seriously. This includes showing up on time and prepared to argue the case. If someone fails to appear, they may face additional charges and be arrested. Therefore, it is important to work with a skilled DUI lawyer who can help guide you through the case.

An experienced lawyer with Berry Law can help you prepare for your court date and move it if the date presents an undue hardship. At your appearance, an attorney can advocate on your behalf and fight for the best possible outcome.

Preparing for a DUI Court Date

A person can find information regarding their court date on the court’s website. They can also find information at the courthouse or could call the clerk or the county or district court to check their court date.

Some good ways for someone to prepare for court are to keep in contact with their attorney and make sure they understand what is going to happen. On the day of the appearance, they should make sure to leave early in case of traffic or vehicle malfunction because even a half-hour delay can result in a warrant being issued for their arrest for failing to appear. They should also know where the courthouse is and which courtroom they are going to. An attorney can help a person prepare for their court date.

Changing an Appearance in Omaha

A person may be able to change their court date for a wide variety of reasons. If they have to travel for work, have a vacation scheduled, or have doctor’s appointments, they may be able to change their court date. However, they should inform their attorney as soon as possible so they can request a change well in advance.

If a person is from out of state, they could also work with the court to make it as convenient as possible and to minimize the number of trips they have to take to Nebraska. This may be by moving court dates. However, it is important for them to maintain regular contact with their attorney.

What are the Consequences of Not Appearing in Court?

In Nebraska, someone needs to appear in court if they have a lawyer because it is the court’s way to make sure that an individual is still in the state and that they are still in contact and able to be brought to justice. The court is afraid that the accused will leave the area if they do not make their court date.

The consequences of not appearing in court are that there will be a warrant issued for the person’s arrest and they may face additional criminal charges. An attorney can further explain the consequences of not appearing at an Omaha DUI court date.

An Attorney Can Be an Advocate at an Omaha DUI Court Date

Some important things lawyers may tell clients before their Omaha DUI court date are what is going to happen at this hearing, how is the case progressing, and what are they looking for next. A well-versed lawyer can use their experience to navigate through this confusing process. For the help you need, call Berry Law today.

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