If you were recently charged with motor vehicle homicide while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you should start working on your defense as soon as possible. Charges of this nature are taken extremely seriously by local prosecutors. If convicted of DUI manslaughter, you could face substantial fines and/or prison time. Because this crime is a felony offense, the consequences of a DUI manslaughter conviction could stay with you for the rest of your life.

Let an Omaha DUI manslaughter lawyer at Berry Law protect you from a potential conviction. An experienced DUI defense attorney on our team can look at the facts and circumstances of your case to determine the best defense strategy available.

Fighting DUI Manslaughter Charges in Lincoln

There may be several defenses available for a DUI manslaughter charge. For instance, law enforcement or medical personnel may have made an error when measuring your blood alcohol content, this could lead to the evidence from the traffic stop being suppressed.

Furthermore, if a blood sample is taken to justify the DUI manslaughter charge, but it’s drawn without your permission or after a considerable amount of time has already passed since the crash, this could also put the validity of your charges into question.

The potential consequences of a conviction for DUI manslaughter should not be taken lightly. For this reason, it is essential to work with a skilled and knowledgeable DUI manslaughter attorney in our area who can fight to protect your future.

The Consequences of a DUI Manslaughter Conviction

Subsections B and C of Nebraska Revised Statute §28-306 define DUI manslaughter as causing an accident which leads to another person’s death while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A first offense DUI manslaughter charge is a Class IIA felony. If you have a previous DUI conviction, the DUI manslaughter charge will be increased to a Class II felony.

A Class IIA felony conviction is punishable by up to 20 years in jail, while a Class II felony carries a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 12 months. However, if someone is convicted of DUI manslaughter as a Class II felony, they could be incarcerated for up to 50 years.

In addition to these drastic penalties, a person convicted of DUI manslaughter could lose their driving privileges and license for up to 15 years. An Omaha attorney at our firm can analyze your DUI manslaughter charges and the incidents leading to your arrest to determine an effective defense strategy.

Reach out to an Omaha DUI Manslaughter Attorney for Assistance

The penalties associated with DUI manslaughter in Omaha could completely derail your career and change your life forever if you are convicted. An experienced Omaha DUI manslaughter lawyer at Berry Law is prepared to defend your legal rights at every stage of the local criminal process. One of our dedicated DUI attorneys can gather information that could prove helpful to your case and look for gaps in the prosecution’s claims. Get in touch with a trusted lawyer at Berry Law today to schedule a confidential consultation.

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