As defined by Omaha law, a bond is a cash amount of money that a defendant will have to pay to be able to be released from jail. The bond amount is determined by the court judge looking at what the charges are, if the defendant had prior charges, and if the defendant had any failures to appear in court. If the defendant resides in the state, it will also help determine what a bond should be.

When someone is arrested for a DUI, many factors will determine what his or her bond amount will be. A subsequent DUI, a DUI involving an accident, or a DUI with a minor in the vehicle can lead to a higher bond.

If you have any questions regarding pretrial release and bond for DUI arrests in Omaha, reach out to an accomplished DUI lawyer today. A dedicated attorney from Berry Law could help you make bond and then begin working a defense if you are facing charges.

Posting Bond in Omaha

In Omaha, bond could be posted if a person has someone go to the jail with the bond money to post for the defendant to get out of jail. Some things people should know about posting bond in Omaha is that they will have to go to the jailhouse to post bond and the bond will have to be in the form of cash. For more information about pretrial release and bond for DUI arrests in Omaha, consult with a knowledgeable attorney.

What is Pretrial Release?

Pretrial release in Omaha is a program in that a defendant released will be monitored by probation prior to the resolution of his or her case. The defendant could be monitored either by an ankle monitor or by reporting to the pretrial release periodically during the pendency of the case. One of the roles that a defense attorney could help with as far as the pretrial release is the bond. The judge is more likely to give the defendant a bond or a lower bond if he or she is placed on pretrial release because that enhances the likelihood that a defendant will come to all hearings.

The implications of not complying with pretrial release include that the defendant could potentially have his or her bond revoked. The defendant will be detained, have to see a judge, and could potentially get a higher bond or no bond.

What Documents are Received When Someone is Released From Jail?

The documents that are received when a person is released from jail are an inventory of their property and court dates.

Call an Omaha Lawyer About Pretrial Release and Bond for DUI Arrests

The person’s case can be adversely impacted the longer it takes him or her to obtain a defense lawyer. An attorney could help in many ways, and that includes pretrial release and bond for DUI arrests in Omaha. If you have been arrested for a DUI, a seasoned lawyer could help you with your release and with building a strong defense. Call today.

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