There are some differences in a DUI case when the defendant is under the age of 21. For instance, the blood alcohol content limit for a person under 21 is 0.02% instead of 0.08%. If you are under the age of 21 and have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you should reach out to an experienced DUI attorney from the Berry Law. A dedicated Omaha underage DUI lawyer could advocate for you and help you reach a favorable resolution to your case.

Determining Impairment

The factors used to determine impairment in an underage driver are the same ones used for an adult. Some of the factors law enforcement will look for to assess impairment include:

  • If the individual was actually in control of the vehicle
  • Did he or she fail the field sobriety tests
  • Breath and/or blood test results

For more information and how to build a strong defense, reach out to an Omaha underage DUI attorney.

What to Expect in an Underage DUI Case

An underage DUI case is held in the county court in Omaha. When someone is under the age of 18 or 21 and charged with a DUI, he or she is arraigned and charged just like an adult. When one is under 18, he or she initially goes to the youth center instead of jail.

Underage DUI cases are usually prosecuted more vigorously based on the driver’s age. Prosecutors have a tendency to treat underage DUI cases more harshly than adults. Therefore, it is crucial for defendants to obtain a seasoned lawyer as soon as possible.

A defendant should also expect that he or she could be facing a maximum sentence due to the way that underage DUI cases are treated by prosecutors and judges.

Underage DUI Penalties

If the defendant is under 18, he or she faces three months in jail, confiscation of his or her driver’s license, and the individual is required to attend an alcohol education class. If the defendant is older than 18 but younger than 21, he or she faces similar penalties. A person facing an underage DUI charge could also expect to pay expensive fines if convicted.

It is imperative for defendants to have an accomplished underage DUI lawyer in Omaha who is familiar with the juvenile justice system, prosecutors, judges, and the police. An attorney could help mitigate the charges or have the case dropped.

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A person facing an underage DUI charge in Omaha needs to hire a local attorney because Omaha lawyers know the local prosecutors and judges. Also, an Omaha underage DUI lawyer understands the court rules, procedures, and case requirements. A well-versed legal professional is trained to navigate the complexities of the legal system.

If you are facing charges for driving while under the influence and you are under the age of 21, you should call a skilled lawyer from the Berry Law today. Let our team of experienced attorneys fight for you. The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner he or she can begin building a defense.

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