Under some circumstances, fraud offenses are prosecuted at the state level. In most cases, however, federal prosecutors have jurisdiction over acts of criminal fraud, especially those involving financial institutions, federal agencies, and large schemes that cross state lines.

If you were charged with a federal fraud offense, you may have a long legal battle ahead of you. Federal courts only handle particularly serious offenses, and the consequences for a conviction are often severe.

Fortunately, retaining a skilled Omaha federal fraud lawyer can improve your chances of obtaining a positive case resolution. A dedicated federal defense attorney at Berry Law can provide the legal representation you need to refute your charges.

Common Types of Federal Fraud Prosecuted in Omaha

Generally, the federal government has jurisdiction over cases involving crimes that cross over state lines. However, they may also prosecute cases at the state level as well, such as identity theft. Federal fraud cases typically involve complex or multifaceted schemes that defraud numerous entities at once and contain significant sums of money.

Some of the most common types of federal fraud charges that our attorneys can help refute include:

  • Embezzlement
  • Wire/mail fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Securities fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Racketeering
  • Mortgage fraud

Any act of fraud that directly impacts a federal agency or program will also be prosecuted in federal court. For example, if a doctor allegedly commits Medicare or Medicaid fraud by fraudulently billing services to those programs, he or she may face federal prosecution even if the crime only occurred in one state.

Effectively Fighting Allegations of Federal Fraud

The criminal consequences of a federal fraud conviction can vary greatly depending on the circumstances of the alleged crime. Generally, though, someone convicted of federal fraud may face a federal prison sentence and steep fines, as well as mandated restitution to individuals or entities impacted by the fraudulent acts.

To obtain a federal fraud conviction, prosecutors must show that you intended to deceive another person or government entity for personal gain. Therefore, successfully fighting federal fraud allegations typically requires proving that you did not commit the fraudulent act in question, or that you did not knowingly and intentionally commit fraud for personal gain.

Building a comprehensive defense and executing it in court are tasks you should only undertake with the guidance from a legal professional. One of Berry Law’s Omaha lawyers can discuss the potential defense strategies available in your case during an initial consultation.

Seek Help from a Seasoned Omaha Federal Fraud Attorney

Federal prosecutors take fraud allegations extremely seriously. If you were accused of any fraud offense, or you suspect that you are being investigated in relation to fraudulent activity, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible, because the penalties for a fraud conviction could be life-altering.

Working with a dedicated Omaha federal fraud lawyer could be the key to effectively defending yourself and your best interests in federal court. Call Berry Law today to schedule a confidential consultation and discuss your legal options with an experienced defense attorney.

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