Fraud occurs when a person misrepresents a material fact in an effort to deceive someone else. Generally, the purpose of this deception is to acquire something of value that belongs to another person without their authorization. In the digital age, countless alleged acts of fraud occur online, whether it involves hacking or sending a misleading email.

For that reason, both state and federal prosecutors aggressively pursue criminal charges related to this type of fraud. If you find yourself facing these types of allegations, a skilled fraud attorney can help you fight your charges. Before entering a plea or attending a hearing, discuss your case with an Omaha internet fraud lawyer.

What are the Common Types of Internet Fraud in Omaha?

The term internet fraud covers a wide range of online activities. Any use of the internet to take advantage of another person for financial gain could be an example of internet fraud. If you are facing internet fraud charges, an attorney in Omaha could advise you on what to expect based on your specific allegations.

Phishing or Spoofing

The acts of phishing and spoofing are closely related. Spoofing involves sending an email that appears to be from an official source, even though it is not. Phishing is the effort to obtain personally-identifying information from an unsuspecting target that opens a spoofed email and believes it to be legitimate.

Ransomware Fraud

Ransomware is a specific type of software that locks down or disables a computer or network. The software can block users from accessing a computer entirely. It could even threaten to corrupt important data. This software earns its name as its creators demand monetary payment in exchange for access to their data.

Denial of Service

A denial of service (DOS), or distributed denial of service (DDOS), is an intentional effort to interrupt a computer network. This type of attack overloads a network, often forcing websites or other systems to shut down. The person responsible for this type of attack might do it in an effort to harm a business or extort money from them.

State Internet Fraud Offenses

There is no offense known as internet fraud under state law. However, there are many criminal offenses that prohibit the unauthorized or fraudulent use of wired communication over the internet to breach another person’s privacy or commit fraud. A defense attorney familiar with internet fraud cases can develop a defense strategy following this type of alleged offense.

One state statute that relates to internet fraud is Nebraska Revised Statutes §28-1343.01. Under this statute, it is unlawful to infiltrate or access another person’s computer system without their permission. This offense is typically a Class II misdemeanor if the act compromises the data security of the owner of the computer system.

Additionally, under Neb. Rev. Stat. §28-1344, it is unlawful to deprive another person of property or obtain a thing of value from another person through unlawfully accessing their computer system. If someone accused you of either of these crimes, you should seek legal help as soon as possible.

Reach Out to an Omaha Internet Fraud Attorney Today

There are numerous acts that could result in allegations of internet fraud. However, establishing proof of these offenses is not always easy. An aggressive defense could leave a jury with reasonable doubt that your actions were fraudulent.

Even so, you should not face these charges alone. Call to schedule a confidential consultation with an Omaha internet fraud lawyer today.

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