Although many people know that being prohibited from owning a firearm can result in criminal charges if a person is found in possession of a gun, many do not know that the possession of ammunition can be similarly punished. In general, people may be less familiar with the regulations surrounding ammunition.

This is where a knowledgeable Omaha ammunition attorney can help. A well-versed gun lawyer can help you make sure you understand the laws surrounding the ownership of ammunition.

Restrictions on Possessing Ammunition in Omaha

A person does not need a license to purchase ammunition. However, under federal law, if they are prohibited from possessing a firearm, it is still illegal to purchase ammunition. If they are caught purchasing ammunition, the penalties are the same as if they were purchasing a firearm.

However, generally, if a person may lawfully possess a firearm, they may lawfully possess ammunition. An attorney can further explain when someone may legally purchase ammunition in Omaha.

Where Can Someone Possess Ammunition?

A person who is legally a certified holder of a firearm is not necessarily always able to possess ammunition. There are some places where they can get in trouble if they are caught with live ammunition, such as on an airplane or going through the TSA checkpoint.

However, there are more places where they are allowed to carry ammunition than places where they are not allowed to. Still, knowing the places where it is illegal to carry ammunition is extremely important because they can face criminal charges if they unlawfully carry a gun or ammunition. Anyone with questions about where they may possess ammunition should reach out to an Omaha ammunition lawyer.

What Else to Know

A person who owns a firearm should know that if they become a prohibited person, they are not allowed to own either a firearm or ammunition. If a person lost their Second Amendment rights, the possession of ammunition would be just as illegal as possessing a gun. In other words, a person could face criminal charges simply for possessing ammunition.

It is also important to note that there are specific ordinances that apply to ammunition at gun shows. It is illegal to sell or possess ammunition at a gun show. Other than that, as long as someone is following the rules with regard to firearms, they are generally allowed to possess ammunition. An attorney can further explain what someone needs to know about ammunition laws in Omaha.

An Omaha Ammunition Attorney Can Answer Any Questions

Generally, anyone who can be legally in possession of a gun can be in legal possession of ammunition. However, some restrictions do apply. It is also illegal for anyone who is prohibited from owning a gun from owning ammunition.

To make sure you are properly following the laws, it is important to consult with a knowledgeable Omaha ammunition lawyer. A well-versed lawyer from Berry Law can outline your rights and defend you if you are accused of violating the law. Call today for a confidential consultation.

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