Nebraska lawmakers have taken steps in recent years to more severely penalize individuals who are convicted of human trafficking. As a result, if you are facing these accusations, you should immediately contact an Omaha human trafficking lawyer for legal guidance.

Human trafficking consists of both labor trafficking and sex trafficking. Both of these criminal offenses carry the potential for the same severe punishments. An experienced criminal defense lawyer may be crucial to your ability to build a solid defense to fight the charges you are facing.

Defining Human Trafficking

Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28-830 distinguishes between labor trafficking and sex trafficking, both of which are illegal under state human trafficking laws. Labor trafficking occurs when someone intentionally recruits, entices, transports, or obtains individuals over the age of 18 with the knowledge that they will be subject to forced labor or services. This definition also includes any attempts to engage in labor trafficking.

Sex trafficking, on the other hand, occurs when individuals purposely recruit, entice, transport, or obtain people over the age of 18 to have them engage in any sexual activities without their consent. This definition also covers any attempts to engage in sex trafficking. Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28-318 defines “without consent” as any situation in which individuals compel others to submit to sexual activity with the use of force or threat of force, coercion, an expression of lack of consent by words or conduct, or deception. A human trafficking lawyer in Omaha can help fight allegations of involvement in any variety of human trafficking.

Charges and Penalties for Omaha Crimes

Under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28-831, individuals who engage in labor or sex trafficking of minors can face a Class IB felony charge. Those who engage in labor or sex trafficking of individuals over the age of 18 can face a Class II felony charge. Furthermore, anyone who knowingly benefits from or participates in any venture that results in human trafficking can face a Class IIA felony charge.

The most severe penalties for human trafficking involve minors. For a conviction for a Class IB felony charge, individuals may serve a minimum of 20 years in prison with the potential of a life prison sentence. Class II felony charges, however, which result from the trafficking of adults over the age of 18, may lead to a minimum prison sentence of one year and a maximum prison sentence of 50 years. Finally, a Class IIA felony conviction for participating in or benefiting from a human trafficking scheme has no minimum mandatory prison sentence, but a conviction can result in a maximum 20-year prison sentence. Consulting a human trafficking attorney in Omaha for advice is crucial for protecting a person’s freedom.

Call an Omaha Human Trafficking Attorney

The prosecution in any human trafficking case has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that someone intentionally engaged in or benefited from human trafficking. An Omaha human trafficking lawyer can determine an aggressive defense strategy for your case. Call Berry Law today for a confidential case evaluation and to begin fighting your charges.

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