When you file a civil claim, you are submitting a formal demand for compensation either directly against the person that caused your car crash or their liability insurance carrier. For instance, if a government agency caused the collision, you must send a formal notice and demand payment from that entity.

Initiating a lawsuit requires filing a document called a complaint with either the district court or the county court. This is what triggers the actual litigation process. Let one of our skilled auto collision attorneys assist you with filing a car accident case in Omaha to maximize your chances of success.

What to Include in an Initial Auto Accident Claim in Omaha

An attorney can write the initial claim and analyze your medical records and bills, identify whether there are any pre-existing conditions that may need to be addressed, and take photographs of your damages. It may also be useful to keep a journal of how the crash affected you. Our team can edit that and send the most convincing portions to the insurance carrier. We can ensure that your healthcare provider name’s name is properly cited and that any costs you incurred as a result of your car wreck are accurately reflected in your demand package.

If there’s a dispute about what caused the crash, our demand letter would discuss that issue. For example, a lawyer at Berry Law can tell the insurance company that their insured driver ran a red light and struck you broadside while you were proceeding through the intersection on a green light.

We’ll discuss whether you’re having trouble engaging in your daily activities, the time you missed from work, and your overall pain and suffering. An attorney on our team will also identify who you’re suing, the court you intend to litigate in, what date the car crash happened, the location of the collision, and what the defendant did to cause the accident.

You’re supposed to request compensation for a specific percentage for your out-of-pocket costs and make a request for judgment against the defendant. Our team puts all of these factors into letter form and sends it with your records, bills, and any other supporting documentation to the opposing party’s insurance carrier.

How Involved is the Plaintiff in the Local Claim Filing Process?

We will talk with you about what your damages are, how the crash affected you, how your injuries continue to affect you, and how the healing process has gone. We will also discuss with you about what we’ve identified for medical bills as well as what you want to request for damages.

Between your account of what happened and our understanding of the filing process for auto collision cases in Omaha, we can reach a consensus on what we’re going to put into a demand package and how much compensation we’re going to ask for. We may also request images of the accident and other evidence to help bolster your claim.

We may ask for additional information along the way, like phone numbers or names of potential witnesses, but you can rely on our attorneys to put the pieces together to prove the opposing party’s liability.

Hire an Omaha Attorney before Filing a Car Accident Case

It can be overwhelming to deal with insurance companies, collectors, and other people who want money from you while you’re trying to recover. If you’re unable to work, you may be unable to pay your bills and therefore stressed out as a result.

Dealing with the litigation and claims process can be made easier with the professional help and guidance of our attorneys. Let us help you identify the statute of limitations as well as what you’re up against. We can manage the process on your behalf so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

We may be able to find sources of recovery that you might not even think about, and we can also help identify different ways that another person might be responsible for your car crash. Call Berry Law to schedule a free consultation.

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