Cars are not made to withstand extreme impact to their sides. This means that the damage caused by T-bone crashes can be devastating. When someone is hurt in this type of accident, it is essential for him or her to take time to understand his or her rights.

An Omaha side-impact collision lawyer is available to help you understand your options. The diligent car accident lawyers at Berry Law are committed to helping the injured fight for justice and can use our experience to fight for you.

What is a Side-Impact Collision?

A side-impact collision occurs when a vehicle strikes another vehicle anywhere between the front quarter panel and the rear quarter panel. Essentially, it is any impact to the side of a car by the front or rear of another vehicle, forming a T-shape.

T-Bone crashes commonly happen when a driver goes through a stop sign or traffic light. This is usually at an intersection where one side has a stop sign, and the other side does not, and one driver fails to yield the right of way.

What to Do After a Crash in Omaha

After an accident, the first action a person should take is to make sure he or she, or any passenger, does not need immediate medical attention.  If someone does need medical care, it is crucial to call 911. The driver should then contact the police and his or her insurance company to make sure the accident crashes and to get a claims process started.

The insurance company will generally advise the driver on what he or she should do. However, it is also important to contact an Omaha attorney who could help the injured driver avoid mistakes that could negatively impact a side-impact collision claim. An attorney can also help with MedPay to pay medical bills, coordinate a car rental, and gather the necessary documentation and evidence for a claim.

The insurance company will also send out an adjuster to take photographs and obtain information. The person involved in the side-impact collision should also take their pictures and get the names and contact information of any witnesses.

Common Effects of T-Bone Accidents

Side-impact collisions generally cause significant damage to the vehicle as well as serious bodily injuries. Vehicles provide better protection to occupants in front-end and rear-end collisions than in side-impact collisions. Because of that, these collisions often result in a person’s neck, back, and body to absorb much of the impact.

Common injuries caused by these crashes include:

For these injuries, a person in an side-impact collision can often recover both special and general damages. Special damages refer to the cost of medical care, lost wages, and other economic losses. General damages refer to compensation for bodily injury, pain and suffering, and loss of use of the body. An skilled lawyer can help determine what specific damages apply.

An Omaha Side-Impact Collision Attorney Can Help After a Crash

If an individual has been involved in a side-impact collision, his or her Omaha side-impact collision lawyer can begin the claims process. Throughout the process, an experienced attorney can serve as a guide and fight to get the compensation the injured party needs and deserves. To discuss how we can help you, call Berry Law for a free consultation.

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